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Random Review: Finn by Angel Martinez #Review #Giveaway

Author: Angel Martinez
Title: Finn 2nd edition
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Publication Date: May 22, 2018
Length: 181 pages

Reviewed by Morningstar


Finn’s been asleep for centuries. He’ll need to catch up fast to survive.
Diego’s impulse to rescue a naked bridge jumper starts as just that—talk the man down and get him to social services. But there’s something odd about this homeless person, more than just his delusions of being a pooka, and something so vulnerable that Diego’s determined to help him stabilize rather than see him institutionalized or deported.
Finn went into the Dreaming centuries ago to escape a heartbreak he couldn’t bear. Now that he’s back, he finds the Veil to the Otherworld closed. The fae courts have abandoned him in a poisoned human world where a displaced pooka has little chance of survival. His human rescuer is kind and compassionate—and shockingly familiar. One thing at a time, though. He needs Diego to believe he’s not human first.

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A fantasy story with a depth of backstory that’s not generally given to stories about the Fae.

I wouldn’t exactly call this a light read, although it wasn’t angsty either. Diego has a heart of gold when it comes to helping the homeless and stray animals, one that got him into trouble in the past. He has an ex-boyfriend that is a complete bad word I can’t say in a review. His saving of Finn is typical Diego, him taking him in even more so. I loved the evolution of them from strangers to friends to more especially with the complication of Finn being Fae and Diego calling BS. At least at first.

Finn had a dark past that stemmed from a lost love but also a loss of all of his own kind after centuries sealing himself off in the Dreaming. He’s lost without Diego and all the metal, and lack of nature in the city isn’t making him the most upbeat character. But it’s adorable with all the things he’s trying to learn in this new world he awoke in.

The real story and obstacle for this pair doesn’t start until later in the book when they leave the city behind and stow away in Diego’s agent's cabin when Finn finds another Fae who isn’t what they seem. That’s where the dark part of the story really takes off. I love Diego right from the start, but I loved his change and strength that came about because of the faith Finn saw in him. He was truly a great guy that deserved the love that Finn could give him.

There are a lot of little things along the way that Diego, mostly, has to work through but those all lead to him potentially opening his heart to Finn. I was sucked in quickly and loved all the action and heart that this story had. There were a few tiny things that were left unexplained. Those small things left a bit of a gap for me, but I easily see those things while others may not.

Overall, I was hooked and hope to see more from this universe!


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