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Random Review: Charlie's Rainbow by Victoria Sue #Review #Giveaway

Author: Victoria Sue
Title: Charlie's Rainbow
Series: Rainbow Key #2
Publication date: April 10, 2018

Reviewed by Meredith


Eventually being diagnosed with reactive attachment disorder as a child, difficult didn’t even begin to describe the nightmare of Charlie’s life. Escaping the drug-induced limbo he existed in and running from his alcoholic mother and despotic grandfather, he finally finds some peace and a home on Rainbow Key. 
Noah is also running, even if he doesn’t realize it, and the guilt he feels over his brother’s suicide chases him no matter where he goes. When he meets and falls for Charlie, he finally thinks he might have the chance to make a home and a future with the adorable man, except he doesn’t realize that the secret that Charlie is hiding is the one thing that he fears the most. 
And not even a chance of mending their future can heal the scars of Charlie’s past. 


Charlie's Rainbow is book 2 in Victoria Sue's Rainbow Key series. While it is the next book, it can be read as a standalone without any issues.

We follow Charlie in this book. If you read book one you are aware of who Charlie is and I admit to gravitating toward him when I saw him in Joshua's Rainbow. I will admit I thought, for some strange reason, he was going to end up with Matt so it was a surprise when he is in fact paired up with a new comer, Noah.

Charlie is special. He has one heck of a backstory. It's truly hard to explain in a review what issues Charlie suffers from without making it out as a medical journal so I will leave that to the author. But, it is clear that whoever falls in love with him would need to be just as special as Charlie and maybe even have some experience and a lot of patience.

Noah begins his journey in this book  at the alter about to get married. I am not telling you how he goes from there to Rainbow Key and into Charlie's heart. But I will tell you that he is a man who has suffered his whole life with guilt. One I'm sure he never expected would be mended by a stranger.

This is a sweet story one that will make you smile and you will also be immensely frustrated in parts. I know I was. While I find I didn't always understand or agree with things Noah did in this book I also recognized he was a character with flaws he didn't understand how to fix. He panicked a lot and while Charlie freaked out at times it was interesting to see in this book, Charlie as the stronger of the two.

Charlie was everything in this book and I was so happy he found his happy place.


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