Monday, April 23, 2018

Release Day Review: Written In Scars #Review #Giveaway

Author: Thom Collins
Title: Written In Scars
Self Published
Publication Date: April 23, 2018
Length: 67 pages

Reviewed by Racheal


Pain fades but the scars remain.
When Logan Crawford, a former war correspondent turned best-selling author, appears on TV to promote his latest thriller, he is knocked out by his fellow guest, Sam Radcliffe. Logan’s travels around the world have opened his eyes to many things, but nothing as attractive as the man he meets that night. Sam was the victim of a vicious stabbing in his youth and is now an active campaigner against knife crime and violence. He is perfect in every way but one: the wedding band he wears. That’s a complication Logan doesn’t need.
Sam’s life is far from happy. His husband is addicted to hard-drugs and casual sex: a devastating combination. Johan was once the shining light in Sam’s life. Now he brings nothing but darkness. But Sam respects the vows they made. For better or for worse. The attraction Logan feels for him is mutual. Ruggedly handsome and engagingly smart, Logan is hard to resist. Sam will need to overcome the anguish of his past and barriers of his present if he’s to stand a chance with Logan.
A contemporary new romance from the author of Closer by Morning and The Coach.


Thom Collins writes a remarkable story that touches on more than just one traumatic event for one of his main characters. Yet, instead of the character being shown as a victim he is portrayed  as a survivor from his past events as well as for preceding events. 

The two characters meet briefly right before they are about to appear on the same talk show. However, in that briefest of moments in their interaction, the author was able to make me feel that their connection was so life altering for both of them. 

Logan is always away on assignments, never wanting to settled down, until now, later in his years. Sam a man that has seen and been through so much, and even his home life where he should be able to find peace and love, is nothing but shattered dreams, littered with dirty needles, empty beer cans, and many nameless men.

One scandalous night, brings these two together! I might have my doubts about love at first sight but these two might just make me have to rethink my opinion. 

This is an amazing story, filled with hard truths, despair, compassion, and most of all the will to survive.


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  1. This one sounds really good. Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Guns 'n Boys: Gilded Agony was one of my favorites I read in March. :)