Thursday, April 5, 2018

Blog Tour: Social Media Central by Kevin Klehr ~ Guest Post


In a fleeting moment I had the idea to change her sex. But it was a thought I knew I would never seriously consider.

Madeline Q is the femme fatale in my novel, Social Media Central, which will be out on Monday. She is a famous fashion blogger who never poses for selfies with her fans. Everyone in the future metropolis known as Astra City reads her articles so they can keep up with the latest looks, even if the only way anyone sees them wearing them is on Social Media Central.

She likes to mix work and play as she teams up with the other social media socialites to throw parties for those who desire their fame. The guests desperately take photos during these themed celebrations so they can up their reputations online.

But Madeline Q has a big secret which she’s keeping from Tayler, a loner geek who’s fascinated with her, even though he’s not addicted to Social Media Central.

Tayler, in fact, is the main character of the novel and when I started writing it I knew it wasn’t a book I could pitch to my publisher. Back then I was with the now defunct Wilde City Press. They were only interested in stories with gay male protagonists and during the course of Tayler’s self-discovery, he realises he’s bisexual. So I pitched the book to many other agents and publishers. The stupid thing is I was now with a new publisher who I should have turned to first.

NineStar Press loves characters from all colours of the rainbow but I didn’t know it at the time. An editor who I had worked with at Wilde City invited me to submit a manuscript. I did and it was accepted, so I never looked into what type of stories NineStar were after. They accepted both my previously published and my unpublished works, all with gay males in the lead role.

There was no way I was going to change Madeline into a male fashion icon. I’d invested too much work in her character and her back story. Simply changing her sex would lose the classic appeal of a femme fatale. I doubt a male version can have the same charisma. 

At the time I was flat out in my day job so I couldn’t pay much attention to my writing. Another work in progress was suffering and I fell behind in my marketing efforts with the books being released. Then, in a random online post I found out what NineStar Press were actually looking for. The answer was right under my nose. I submitted Social Media Central to my editor and enjoyed a glass of champagne during lunch to celebrate its acceptance.

But what else should I tell you about Ms Madeline Q? She has red hair, is sensual and emotionally strong. And did I mention she doesn’t like to pose with her fans for selfies?

She throws Tayler into an adventure he wasn’t asking for, giving him a life worth living yet taking something from him at the same time. And the pair’s bond becomes its strongest the moment she is convicted of murder.

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