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Release Day Review... In the Twist by L.A. Stockman #Review #Giveaway

Author: L.A. Stockman
Book: In the Twist
Series: The Wild Hunt: Book 1
Publisher: NineStar Press
Publication date: August 22, 2016
Length: 152 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


Twelve dead children. An ex-priest with the faith to move mountains. A hunter out of the depths of legend. Together, they must find a way to overcome their pasts and become something entirely new if they are to defeat an ancient evil.

David Shaughnessy was content in his life as a police detective in Armata, California. It lacked the visceral, sick thrill that came with exorcising demons, but it was better for him, saner. Until the night he got called out to a vicious murder in the woods, and met Dallan Jaeger. The older man and Interpol agent is much more than he seems to be, and their connection is immediate, powerful. Trust blooms quickly as they learn to work together to pursue the evil fae responsible for the murders.

They must learn to do more than trust each other if David is to fulfill his birthright and claim what was so long denied him. Only then do they have a hope of catching the killer…in the Twist.

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In the Twist is a fantasy, and it looks like it's part of a series. So, I always give book 1 of any series some leeway on things. I go into it knowing there will be some holes and questions that may not get answered until other books.

However, I was so confused through a lot of this. I had hope that the level of confusion would dissipate the more I read. Usually if there's 3 major questions, at least 1 gets an answer. But this questions kept building and building with no answers.

There wasn't a lot of world building for a book one, or even a standalone for that matter. It is a fantastical world with amazing characters and a darkness just bitter enough to haunt you for a long time. I was so beyond thirsty for more growth.

The potential is there. It's screaming. It could have been utterly outstanding. And though it was entertaining and the MC's were overly romantic which at times I found adorable, it' simply fumbled and left me boggled at the end. I simply wanted to understand it.

Hopefully further books in this series will unravel this.


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