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Blog Tour: End Street Volume 2 by Amber Kell & RJ Scott #Review #Giveaway


  Series Recap Tour & Giveaway

 End Street Vol 2 

 Amber Kell & RJ Scott

Authors: Amber Kell & RJ Scott

Cover Design: Meredith Russell


The Case of the Dragon's Dilemma

Dragons, battles, a Siren attack and a deal Sam may come to regret leave Sam and Bob in danger...and result in Mikhail finding a mate. 

Bob and Sam take their kind-of-adopted-now vampire daughter Mal to look at new schools. Mikhail is left to babysit the last of the remaining rescued children whilst they are away. 

When Sirens appear to steal her away, he is left facing the attack alone until a mysterious hero comes to his aid. Ryujin, or Jin to his friends, is a dragon shifter and his role as Captain of the Dragon Guards puts him in direct conflict with Mikhail. 

The minute he sees Mikhail he knows what he wants. Now if he can only get Mikhail to see the same. 

The Case of the Sinful Santa 

Zephariel, the Angel of Vengeance, Nick Klauson, nephew to Santa, Christmas magic, zombies in the school and a necromancer causing chaos...and at the centre of it all-Mal. 

Zephariel is the Angel of Vengeance and is tracking down his cousin Danjal for misuse of brimstone. When he walks into a bar and finds Nick Klauson drowning his sorrows, he is instantly drawn to him. Could this be his fated mate? 

When Nick and Zeph join forces to deal with zombies in Mal's school, sparks fly. Add in a demon, a wolf and a necromancer, and Sam and Bob have a hunt on their hands.

"...With stories that are written by more than one author, there are sometimes gaps in the flow of the writing. There are none here. The writing flows smoothly and seamlessly I wouldn't be able to tell you who wrote what. The world describe within the story was easily imagined as where the characters...."


End Street Volume 2

Story One: The Case of the Dragon’s Dilemma

End Street Volume 2 has another 2 stories in it. The first one is The Case of the Dragon’s Dilemma.

This story has Jin, the Commander of the Dragon Army coming to the aide of his Princess. Of course he comes face to face with Mikail and all the sparks fly. Can I just say that the fact that Mikail finds love made my heart flutter. I have felt from the very beginning that he is so alone. Anyway, moving on…

Again one of my favorite things that the authors do is entwine the stories. Past characters come into play as well as setting the stage for the next case. It keeps you latched on to Sam and his hoard of happenings.

And Sam…. This human non human whatever he is cracks me up. I mean he is hilarious! My sides hurt when he talks! Totally my favorite character of this series. And Bob and him? Priceless. They are like an old married couple. It’s great with all the suspense that there’s humor thrown in there. 

With this story new and dangerous characters are revealed. You thought Sirens were bad? Ha! Wait till you see what threatens the world now! This was a totally fabulous story!

Story Two:The Case of the Sinful Santa

I think each book gets better and better. With new characters entering the picture each time you’d think it would get crowded. It doesn’t! It adds to the awesomeness that is this series! And when a character of a previous book swoops in to help Sam you cheer!

Each book we see a little more of what is happening with Sam. He’s becoming so powerful and no one knows what he is. Something tells me when it’s revealed it’s going to be wondrous and I can’t wait.

Mal, Sam and Bob’s vampire daughter, is in a new school and of course there’s trouble afoot. It takes an Angel, a wolf, an elf, a vampire, a ghost, a slew of magic and Sam to make it right! It was suspenseful at times.

Nick is half elf half human and of course he’s fated mates with an Avenging Angel. When they have to literally fight for their love. When it was in question and for a moment you think this is their end. They aren’t allowed to love, my heart broke. I cried. But you know what they say? Sometimes it takes just one voice. One person. To make a difference.

I loved this story so much and the unfolding mystery of it all! Absolutely and positively brilliant!

Author Bios

Amber Kell has made a career out of daydreaming. It has been a lifelong habit she practices diligently as shown by her complete lack of focus on anything not related to her fantasy world building.

When she told her husband what she wanted to do with her life, he told her to go have fun.
During those seconds she isn't writing, she remembers she has children who humor her with games of "what if" and let her drag them to foreign lands to gather inspiration. Her youngest confided in her that he wants to write because he longs for a website and an author name—two things apparently necessary to be a proper writer.

Despite her husband's insistence she doesn't drink enough to be a true literary genius, she continues to spin stories of people falling happily in love and staying that way.

She is thwarted during the day by a traffic jam of cats on the stairway and a puppy who insists on walks, but she bravely perseveres.


RJ Scott is the bestselling gay romance author of over ninety MM romance books. She writes emotional stories of complicated characters, cowboys, millionaire, princes, and the men who get mixed up in their lives. RJ is known for writing books that always end with a happy ever after. She lives just outside London and spends every waking minute she isn't with family either reading or writing. 

RJ also writes MF romance under the name Rozenn Scott.

The last time she had a week’s break from writing she didn't like it one little bit, and she has yet to meet a bottle of wine she couldn’t defeat.

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