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Promotional Post: Come To Your Senses Series by Susan Reeves #Excerpt #Review #Giveaway

Christian Sartori: Surveillance officer, facial recognition guru and aspiring surfing god.
Ben McCormick: Casino games dealer, couch surfer and down on his luck.
Christian falls for Ben's Raphaelite-like beauty the very first moment he sees him, dealing at a busy pai gow table, but fraternisation between their departments is strictly forbidden. Christian instead catches glimpses through the cameras at work, hoping management won't notice he has "eyes on" Ben more than he should.
When Ben is brutally attacked as he leaves work one night, Christian is fortunately watching and comes to his aid. This starts them on a road that travels from friendship to more as they both deal with injuries, a career change, the farce that is Valentine's Day, and a mother with a crippling gambling addiction.
I See You is a story about love, compassion and helping out your fellow man, which can sometimes bring you things you never thought possible.

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Ben went straight to the sink, rinsed his brush and then topped it with paste. Christian went to the toilet bowl and stood there.
After a minute without hearing a sound, Ben turned and took his brush out of his mouth, enquiring, “Everything okay?” Ben saw the back of Christian’s neck go red before he mumbled out “Can’t pee,” Ben barely able to hear him.
“Stage fright?” Ben asked sympathetically. “I’m nearly done.”
Christian groaned, and Ben couldn’t work out if it was from embarrassment, frustration or discomfort—or all three! “Sort of… and you gave me a stiffy.”
Ben spat toothpaste onto his cast as he tried to control his laughter. Well that cleared that puzzle up. “Sorry, so not sorry, Christian.”
“I don’t think I’ve ever peed in front of anyone before,” Christian continued, the back of his neck still pink, and refusing to turn around and acknowledge Ben’s humour at his predicament. “Well, except when I was a kid. Mum always told me to use the cubicles when we were out, and at school, in case some creep tried to check me out at the urinals and take photos.”
This sobered Ben’s amusement quickly and he had a newfound respect for Diane and her ace parenting skills. “Really? Wow, okay. I’m done anyway. If you can move aside for a sec, I’ll go quickly and then leave you alone. Maybe my tinkle will encourage your tinkle.” Ben was straight-faced when he said it, but his tone and the use of the word “tinkle,” told Christian that he found the whole situation highly amusing, and that he needed to start thinking of some form of punishment for Ben’s mockery of his embarrassing predicament.
Christian moved to the sink and started his own brushing, flossing and mouthwash routine, while trying to block out the “tinkling” in the background. He knew it was silly, and that bodily functions were natural and everyone had them, but it would take a bit for his bladder and ears to get used to sharing a bathroom. He would try valiantly, though, because he wanted that normalness in their relationship.
As promised, Ben left as soon as he’d finished, flushed and washed his hands at the sink, dropping a kiss onto Christian’s bare back on the way past. By the time Christian finished his ablutions and got back to the bedroom Ben was snuggled under the comforter, only his face and soft curls visible. Ben was adorably sleepy-looking, so Christian just climbed in and turned off the bedside lamp, pulling Ben close and relaxing into the dark silence. His erection had gone down once Ben had left the bathroom, but Ben’s sweet-smelling skin and warm furry thigh flung over his legs had things stirring again down south. Christian decided he was simply too tired to act on it, and by the soft snores resonating against his chest, Ben was too. Drifting into sleep with the man he was falling deeper in love with every minute they spent together was his new bliss, even more so than Tim Tam cheesecake.


This story takes place in the beautiful country of Australia. More precise the Gold Coast. I've never been to Australia but when I read books like this I always want to hop a plane.

There's a lot to like in this story. Great MC's, Christian and Ben. They were wonderful and I felt connected to them. There was a realism to them. They weren't perfect and it's those little things that I love.

There was some comedy and this was really very welcome! I love to laugh!

I grew up into a casino family. For four years of my life I was going to Atlantic City on weekends, weekdays, vacations. I'm crazy familiar with the life and the thought and research Susan put inot this tale was captured without question.

The story rounded off nicely and happily which made me, in turn, happy! Fun read!

Leo Bradshaw: Casino security, gym-selfie junkie, and foraging amongst Christmas paper in the closet.
Eamon Hughes: Teacher, new in town, and a notorious hermit but avid hiker.

Leo's body reacts the first time he spies Eamon, who's on a rare night out at his work Christmas party. It's not good. At all. Leo's in the closet and surrounded by his peers and hundreds of cameras, but the body wants what the body wants, even though he could lose everything if he acts on it.
Eamon learns the hard way the casino isn't the safe haven he thought, but it does put him on the radar of the hot and sexy security guard who makes his body go oomph!
Through run-ins with Rohypnol, life-changing mountain climbs, and a steamy whitegoods encounter, their friendship blossoms. But could they ever be more?
I Hear You is a story about trusting your heart to guide you exactly where it's meant to be.

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 Leo looked at the person sprawled on the hard marbled floor, and was suddenly breathless. It was a man he’d been watching earlier in the night, on one of his patrols around the gaming precinct.
He’d initially noticed him because he looked young, and had contemplated approaching to check his ID. Deciding instead to trust his fellow officers at the entrances he’d left the guy alone, but out of curiosity continued to watch. The longer he did, the more dubious he’d been about the guy being eighteen, but the emerging flutter in his stomach stopped Leo from walking up and asking him to prove it. Leo had recognised the feeling for what it was: his body was attracted to the well-dressed, lithe, sparkly-eyed blond. That alone had been reason enough not to approach. He didn’t have the best poker face or control over his body, and the last thing Leo wanted was to pop wood on the job and risk outing himself with thousands of eyes watching. Not to mention how inappropriate it would be if the guy was in fact underage, and embarrassing if he noticed and scoffed at Leo. The guy was young and insanely gorgeous, with a confident air that pushed all kinds of buttons. A thirty-year-old, shy, in-the-closet security officer probably wasn’t on any wish list.


I found book two of Susan Reeves Come To Your Senses Series, I Hear You, to be even better than book one. 

The characters in this are Leo and Eamon and their tale is brilliant! From the dramatic way they meet: Eamon unconscious and mumbling if French to the very end of the book! The beginning grabs you and you are filled with questions and you're hooked.

Leo has some insta-love going on but that's okay because Eamon is gorgeous. You get it lol. And the way Leo ends up saving Eamon on more than one occasion that is when it gets really good.

A friendship buds, a family gets involved... It's great fun but there's darkness too and answers that are needed. 

It's filled with love, family, sexiness, and happy endings. Great balance. Excellent read!

Guest Post

Hey guys, I’m super excited to be a guest here and I’ve been overwhelmed with the support and encouragement I’ve received since my release date, but also along the whole journey from conception to pushing that publish button. It really is an amazing community to be a part of.
So you’re probably wondering who the bloody hell is Susan Reeves?? I’ve been around as OzPinny on Twitter for about a year or so, meeting amazing like-minded people. I chose the pen name Susan Reeves because (Big exclusive reveal: my middle name is Susan, and I’ve always wanted to be Mrs. Keanu Reeves!).
I See You is my very first ever, ever, ever published work, and this is my first ever, ever, ever blog guest appearance, thanks Nic!
A bit about me in a few words because I tend to babble otherwise…. Mum (I also wear so many other hats under this title, as y’all know), Aussie, Aries, lover of salt water and sand and avid reader. I hope you enjoy I See You, it’s all my own work, so not technically perfect, but I hope you like the story anyway. It’s going to part of a series themed around our senses, although I Smell You is not working out for me just yet and suggestions are welcome for alternatives! Love and light to you all.

Author Bio

Susan Reeves is a lifelong avid reader who has had a fairly interesting life so far and has some stories of her own that she wanted to share. She lives in the most beautiful place in the world, in her opinion, and you’ll find glimpses throughout her stories as she loves to share it with her readers.
Susan also loves to potter around the kitchen, walk along the healing sands of her local beaches, and have coffee therapy with friends.
An advocate for equality, living simply and all things green, Susan spends any spare time spreading light and love in hope that it touches those who might need a little.

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  1. Hi Susan unfortunately I've never been to a casino and haven't got any money to bet either but I do enjoy reading books that have casino's in them!

    1. Hi ShirleyAnn :) I worked in the casino industry for over ten years and there was never a dull moment! One of my favourite careers. Good luck! xx

  2. I finished I See you this week and loved it. Looking forward to reading I Hear you

  3. Years ago a friend dragged me to a casino at the end of a long day of birthday celebrations (his). I was so ready for home and bed that I made him promise he'd buy chips once and we'd go as soon as he'd lost them all. And then he started winning. When he had to go to the toilet he asked me to take over and I was sure that was when we'd at last start losing fast, because I'd never done it before, but no, even I couldn't stop winning. By the time I was about to keel over he cashed the chips in, took back his initial investment and separated the rest between the two of us. I think that was the only time ever I spent the whole day out and about spending money and still went back home with more than I'd started the day with :)

  4. the series looks interesting. Thank you for the post and the reviews =)

  5. i dont have any either...i feel boring