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Promotional Post: Books by Queen Anoshi

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Author: Queen Anoshi

Synopsis Of Her Books

Queen of Spades Synopsis

Have you ever found yourself in a relationship where you gave your
heart and soul, only to come out with nothing but heartbreak?
Nia a successful older woman; falls for a younger Army soldier “Joe”.
He wanted to love her but he was torn between loyalty to her and a promise.
When his estranged wife reenters the picture Joe is not sure which
way to turn. Lisa is hotheaded and mouthy and in for the shock of her
life when she goes up against Nia.
What if he had of told Nia about Lisa in the beginning maybe things would not have taken such an ugly turn in their lives.
Hakeim would never turn his back on his best friend Nia. After she suffers the heartbreak of a miscarriage Hakeim’s disdain for Joe shows while his love for Nia surfaces. After she receives a letter from her deceased friend Aretha, Nia decides that she will not be the victim and develops an alter ego. “The Queen” is not your average personality because she is driven by sexual impulses. She will do what Nia is too afraid to do. What happens when Nia fights for control of her mind against the evil she feel is about to burst through her?
They say that Karma is a bad Bitch, but the ‘The Queen of Spades’
will make Karma look like a poodle in a gate with pitbulls.
You have to decide which road you will take and be careful how you
deal with the heart of someone else.
The Trump card is the highest card in the deck no other Queen can beat her. Queen of Spades

Soul Mates Synopsis

Shana and Dervin are two divorced parents.  They are successful in their own business.
Shana has built her life around her daughter and her creative design studio.  She isn’t looking for love or
romance but her heart is silently longing for it.
Dervin is satisfied with his mortuary and taking care of his daughter.  Although he is currently dating he is not looking for a commitment.
After a chance meeting in a local establishment in Gainesville, Florida, their lives will forever be changed.
The passion that is awaken in the both of them will take them to heights unknown.  Secret desires will be answered and the love from a soul mate will embrace them both.
What happens when his ex comes into the picture and secrets are revealed?  Will they have enough love to stand the test?
See what it feels like to find the love of your life.   See what
it is like to find your:   Soul Mate and Twin Flame.

Gemini Breed Synopsis

It was love from the beginning, which has set the course that we are on now.  The questions now arise:
How can one without a heart or soul love enough to put their immortality on the line, for people who  
would have them dead if the chance was given?
Is it true that love covers a multitude of sins?
Love can come when you least expect it and it can be a life saver.
Queen Lirit, General Anthony and Protector Serge are Haitian Vampires that have taken an oath to protect humanity from the hands of the ‘Oralucians’.
Along with a Rogue Haitian Psychic Netasha Fabien they fight for us.  You will fall in love with these four immortals as they fight against the evil psychic’s

Author Bio
Authoress Queen Anoshi

Is a native of Beaufort, S.C. She was born with the gift of making up stories on a whim. She started writing poetry as a young child which was her outlet in conquering different adversities in her life. It wasn’t until her service in the Army and her first deployment to Bosnia that she began writing short stories as a way to pass time. She felt her writings could take her to a different time and place and that she could become and do anything that her mind could conceive.
From that point her love for fictional romance began to expound. She takes her personal experienced with love, heartbreak and finding that special person and uses them as a key element in her creative writings. She believe that nothing can be written without having parts of the writer in it.
She wants her readers to relate and connect to her personally as if they walked with her every day. She wants them all to become part of her, “Writer’s Soul”. Only then can they understand her passion for life and love. She writes romance novels, both erotic and paranormal. She also writes poems and short stories that related to the drama of finding and conquering that awesome love. She is ready to share her imagination in love and romance with all that is willing to ride with her.
Get ready for your imagination to go wild. Welcome to the world of ANOSHI!

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