Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day: My Dad

My dad was never the master of the grill. He was never Mr. Fix It unless it required duct tape. He was hopeless with school projects. He couldn't build a tree house.

But, he taught me how to ride my bike, never hit me, loved me, hugged me, smiled the best smile in the world. He was my movie buddy, he knew the answer to every question on Jeopardy. And all though he wasn't perfect, he was my dad.

I always shed a few tears on Father's Day. I miss him. I miss losing Trivial Pursuit to him. I miss my movie buddy. I have amazing memories that I cling to. The last great memory I can think of that was just my dad and me was dancing with him at my wedding.

The power went out and we were in the middle of a hurricane. I was so upset but my dad. He grabbed me and said, "I'm dancing with my little girl today."

Thanks to my DJ who had a back up battery I danced with my dad. At the time I didn't know it would be the last time I'd ever dance with him or that it would be one of my last great moments with him. I just knew I didn't want it to end. I knew I loved this man and he was my hero.

We danced to Steve Kirwan's My Little Girl. I'd like to share the lyrics with you because he told me as we danced that no song said how he felt in this moment better than this one.

From the moment I first held you
And rocked you to sleep
In my heart I knew
A child is never yours to keep
I knew one day you'd learn to fly
But I never dreamed what I'd feel inside


As I dance the last dance
With my little girl
And the first with the woman
Who's found her place in the world
I see the woman in you
But for my whole life through
You'll always be my little girl

You wrapped me 'round your finger
Your smile made me melt
I wished so many times
I would've told you what I felt
From your first steps
to sweet sixteen
The rush of memories
feels like a dream


I see the woman in you
But for my whole life through
You'll always be my little girl 

Happy Father's Day to all dads out there. From Heaven to Earth! 


  1. oh honey the tears, he loved you so much,and he will always watch over you. a daughter and a father is a bond that can never be broken. Love you so much..