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Blog Tour: Meant For Me by Ann Lister #Excerpt #Giveaway

Book Details:
Author Name:  Ann Lister
Book Title:  Meant For Me, The Rock Gods series, Book 5
Publisher:  SleighFarm Publishing Group
Book Length: 270 pages, 85,000 words
Genre:  Gay Romance, Erotic
Book Release Date:  May 28, 2015
Cover Artist: Kellie Dennis from Book Cover By Design

Story Blurb:

Tony Wilcox, the quiet keyboard player for Ivory Tower, has always believed he was straight. A sexual encounter with his best friend leaves Tony questioning his heart and the unwavering attraction he has for Jared. Living and working together is no longer enough for Tony... he wants more. He wants Jared as his.
Jared Baker, the bass player for the band, has a past that is getting in the way of him fully embracing what he wants... Tony. He's tried everything to create distance between them, but none of it eliminated the feelings he has developed for Tony.
Trying to suppress the anger and confusion from Jared withdrawing from his life, Tony does his best to get beyond the feelings he has for his friend. When Jared becomes deathly ill, it's Tony that he calls for help and Tony has to decide if he can heal Jared without giving away too much of his heart.
Can best friends find their way to true love and discover if they were meant for each other, or will the challenges of life force them to choose separate paths?

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“We need to toast first,” Tony scolded.
        “Okay, here's to owning real estate together,” Jared said quickly.
        “Is that the best you got?” Tony asked.
        Jared swirled the liquid around in his glass and thought about Tony's question. That wasn't the best he had by any means, and he hoped he had many, many years to show Tony over and over the best he really did have to offer him. Just thinking about their years ahead made a lump form in Jared's throat. He'd never imagined being one half of a couple, or having something long term with a lover, but Tony changed all that and now Jared couldn't imagine anything else. “You are the best of me,” Jared said softly. “You are the one truly meant for me. I am certain of that as much as my next breath. You are my 'forever,' T, and starting this journey here with you in this house we now own together...I feel so lucky.” Jared's voice trailed off as emotion chocked his throat.
        “Weren't you the one that said luck didn't have anything to do with us?” Tony questioned.
        Jared nodded. “I did say that, but Jesus, Tony, having you in my life has totally rocked my world in the best possible way. I honestly never thought I'd have this kind of feeling or relationship in my life. All that searching and it always came right back to you.”

Ann Lister writes erotic love stories using beautifully drawn characters; flawed and emotionally damaged, and at the height of their careers, each in search of the one thing that still eludes them: love.

The Rock Gods series gave her Bestselling Author status on Amazon. Each book in this series brings her two favorite elements together: musicians and the love between two men. These stories focus on what it truly means to love; love unconditionally, love without restrictions or labels, love without fear or judgment – to just simply love.
Author Links:

Twitter: @AnnListerAuthor

Amazon Buy Links Rock Gods Series:
·        Fall For Me (part 1)
·        Take What You Want (part 2)
·        Make You Mine (part 3)
·        Looking at Forever (part 4)
·        Meant For Me (part 5)

Giveaway :

Rafflecopter Prize:
·        5 signed copies of one Rock Gods title (5 winners)
·        5 swag bundles (5 winners)
·        1 signed set (4 titles) of The Rock Gods series
·        1 digital set of The complete Rock Gods Series (1 winner)
·        5 e copies of a Rock God book of choice (5 winners)


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  1. As a fan of rockstar romances I'm dying to get my hands on this series! I love the sensuality of the music world and with so many drool-worthy men around you know things will get steamy!