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Promo Post: District 69 ~ The Greek Chronicles by Ra'Mone Marquis

Book: District 69: The Greek Chronicals
Author: Ra'Mone Marquis
Publisher: Grind 2 Glory
Published: March 6 2015

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Frat houses, step shows, unlimited parties are just a small part of the world of Greek life. You have undergrads and alumnus, business owners and artists. You have your ladies man and the introverted sorority chick. You have seasoned veterans and persistent rookies. One thing that all of these individuals have in common? Erotic sensuality and romance that is heightened by the many advantages, pros, and cons of being in a Greek organization.
Let’s take a look at these Greek organizations from a more personal and intimate level. In District 69: The Greek Chronicles, you get to see other levels and aspects to Greek men and women. The love, sex, romance, and drama that these characters go through, combined with the various twists and turns; comes to the forefront in the third installment of the District 69 series.
This is a world and culture all its own! You will get to know a variety of different men and women of Greekdom. Some you are going to like, some you are going to hate. There will be some that you will desire. Through experiencing sensual escapades through their own eyes, hobbies, sexual urges, and point of views; you might learn something new.


Everyone was lost and concerned from the time I started talking, but when I ended it by mentioning the rape of the brother hood; they were extremely disturbed. I bent down to take it out. It being another name for my granny’s gun. I started by shooting at the celling once. I pointed the gun at the floor and ceiling, as I proceeded to talk about being raped by the brotherhood. Dylan, Bernard, and Nathan kept asking me what I was talking about. I told Dylan to shut up because it wasn’t him. Individuals started guessing who I was talking about, but every name they said was the wrong one. I pointed the gun at Perry and asked him what he had to say for himself. I went on to tell him I dare you to lie or play stupid. He stuttered and said that he could explain. Bernard and Amare started to walk towards me. Without even looking in their direction, I advised everyone that it would be best that they do not come near me. Aaron, Bernard, Stephen, Julius all attempted to tell me to calm down, to tell them what’s wrong, and how they could help. Everyone was nervous. They all did their best to keep calm. I cocked the gun. Still having it pointed at Perry, I proceeded to tell them every backstabbing detail about what happened. When I finished the room was divided in reactions. Some started to cuss Perry ass out, the rest tried to calm me down and tell me that it’s not worth it. The gun remained pointed at Perry. Perry said my name. I responded by saying “fuck you!” He said my name again and I responded with the same response. I was through playing. My patience was empty. Perry fixed his mouth to say something else. Before I knew it I fired off the gun 1-----2-----3 good times.

  Other books in the series include:

The Crimson Edition: EXCERPT~

We mingled and talked, told a few jokes. It was just a wonderful vibe all over the place. Mr. Benjamin and Mr. Ingram decided to go outside to see some of the improvements that had been made to the lake and other parts of the property. Mrs. Noreen advised me and Alton to go ahead and take our stuff up to the room where we would be staying and get comfortable. Alton evidently knew what room we would be staying in, so I followed him. All I could think about, was when would that food that I smelled be ready? My family is from the south as well so all of this love, food, family, and good vibes were just everything to me. When we got up to the room that we would be staying in, I noticed it was very spacious, with a view overlooking what I could tell was a patio area. It was so nice you would have thought it was some sort of outside restaurant. The room had its own bathroom. There were quite a few pictures of different people around the room, and Alton beamed with pride while he identified each one of his relatives. Alton was obviously very proud of himself and his family, and I just loved him more and more with each second. As if the love I already had, wasn’t strong enough. I noticed some photo albums, so I grabbed one, and made myself comfortable by the window while I browsed through it. Many of the pictures were of Alton, his cousins, and a lot of his parents and uncles when they were younger. His family was way bigger than mine and I just loved all of the history that was documented all over the house. It was good for me to go on that trip and get to know where Alton came from. It gave me an opportunity to get to know and understand him more. It was an opportunity that allowed us to grow even closer. This was the family that I was marrying into and I didn’t think I could be any happier about that.
            I was so lost in my own thoughts that I hadn’t heard anything that Alton was saying. I closed the photo album and put it back on the table where I got it. I walked over to the bedroom door and locked it. Alton was asking me what was wrong with me but I ignored him. My shoes were already off from earlier and with a slight rush I proceeded to remove my sweater and jeans. I left nothing on but my red and grey bra and panties. As I walked toward Alton his face was full of anticipation and desire. I pushed him against the window and kissed him like I hadn’t seen him in weeks. Our tongues were in competition for who was going to be in control.

The Color Haven:EXCERPT~

I decided that I was going to go upstairs and get my binoculars. Since she lived on the opposite side of me, I decided I could peek freely. I could do whatever I was aroused to do and do it in the privacy of my own home.

When I got upstairs to my bedroom, I left the lights off and kind of found a way to be off to one side where I knew she wouldn’t see me. I had grabbed my binoculars. However, when I looked down at her I dropped them and grabbed my dick again. She was standing there, facing away from me and leaning against the balcony. I be damned if her dress hadn’t ridden up more. Now I could see her ass falling out the bottom, her cheeks even more perky and plump than her breasts. Lord I remember them just begging to be squeezed and loved. Then that’s when I realized that she was talking to someone else. Next thing I know this cock diesel muthafucker from earlier today, comes out and wrapped his arms around her. With one sweep of his arms he swung her into a very passionate kiss. Watching these two make out had given me the most ridiculous erection in life. I was trying my best not to touch it but watching her there, that body and her long blonde hair waving over her shoulders in the wind with that cut in her dress showing me most of her flawless back; made it too hard.

          Control over me not jacking off, became even harder as he put his hand on her ass and started pulling her dress up further. He squeezed it and massaged it just like I wanted to. I swear I was ready to ram my head through the damn window and barge in on them. I couldn’t get to mad as he was showing me just what I wanted and more. Her ass was two perfect spheres. The dress was way over her hips. His hand was gripping her ass and spreading them. When he pulled on her cheek I could see those beautiful bald lips peeking out too. I just stood there with high anticipation, waiting to see what was going to happen next. What happened next was definitely more than I’d ever think I would have seen.


Ra’Mone Marquis is a native of the State of Florida. He received his Bachelors degree from Florida International University where he became a proud 2005 initiate of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. he went on to receive his Masters degree from the University of Phoenix. Mr. Marquis currently lives in Miami, Florida. Life experiences and literary idols such as Omar Tyree, Terry McMillan, and Eric Jerome Dickey; have shaped Ra’mone into the author that he is today. This is what formed the foundation of him being considered a unique and relatable author. Due to a desire to provide people with an uncensored, entertaining, and informative place to learn and express one’s self regarding everything sexuality; Ra’Mone created an experience known as The Quis Box. It includes everything from a blog, discussion topics, videos, drink recipes, and more. He is also the Founder and President of True T.A.L.E.N.T.S. Foundation, Inc.; a 501c3 nonprofit that he started in 2011. Its mission is to mentor and enrich the youth of our communities, ages 13-18 years old. With talents including music and dramatic arts; Ra’Mone finds joy in writing, cooking, entertainment, exercising, eating, and traveling…just to name a few. Courtesy of Kace Books, LLC. Ra’Mone’s first novel is a highly reviewed novel entitled District 69: The Crimson Edition. It’s highly reviewed followup  is District 69: The Color Haven, which takes readers to unprecedented heights on a highly unforgettable literary journey, heightened by intricately selected colors. The third installment in the District 69 Series is District 69: The Greek Chronicles. Rooted in drama, traditions, sex, and real life experiences; this novel goes to a whole other level as it looks at all the facets and dimensions of fraternities and sororities.

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