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Feed An Author... Literally!

Feed An Author…. Literally!!

I posted on Facebook a while back. The post read:
So, I had an idea. I know a lot of authors either forget to eat while they are deep into their next masterpiece, or they just can't be bothered with more than a PB&J. *Side eyes a bunch of you* Here's my idea. What meal ideas can you awesome people come up with? Quick, easy, for the "can't be bothered mind." Think "I'M A WRITER AND CAN'T DEAL WITH THE MAKING AND THE EATING" It's a challenge! Whatcha got?

I actually got a lot of responses. Some are recipes that are easy for the busy peoples. Leftovers are key!!!
Other people suggested easy alternatives. Simple things, even snacks. I am not giving the names of the people who submitted since I didn’t get everyone’s responses if it was all right. But it’s the food… the sustenance!!!! Here you go:

One pot pasta does me. Empty the fridge of any likely ingredients (tomatoes, onions, chorizo, and garlic always go in mine), fry them up for a couple of minutes, then throw in boiling water, a chicken stock cube, a tin of chopped tomatoes, a few herbs, and fill that baby up with pasta. leave to simmer for half an hour or so and it will all reduce into a lovely pasta in thick tomato sauce nommy.

Every now and then I'll make a big meal of wild rice with cranberries, some beans or peas, and baked balsamic chicken. Good separate, but really good all mixed together (chopping the chicken in small bites). And good as leftovers that last a few meals.

Yogurt with granola is my favorite thing

((In between all these snacks and recipes were a bunch of “I don’t eat when I write.” “I have a husband who cooks.” “Food, what’s that.” And the occasional. “I never forget to eat.”))

I make 3-5 days worth of smoothies, overnight oats, and yogurt with fruit (topped with granola before eating) for breakfasts and snacks

On shopping day get enough hamburger to go ahead and make up burgers and a couple of meat loaves ... you throw them in the freezer raw and they're ready to go when you need something quick. Mr can throw the burgers on the grill or you slide the loaf in the oven to bake.

Soup. Whatever veggies you want cooked up in stock and pureed. Freeze it in portions then when hungry you can defrost quickly in a microwave. Mini pasta pieces can be added when heating up to be eaten, or a bread roll (which can also be frozen and only takes a few minutes in an oven to defrost and heat up). Sprinkle in a little grated cheese or stir in a spoonful of yogurt to serve if you want to.

Cereal with fruit. Yogurt with fruit and oats and protein shakes

Chicken Breast or pork chops seasoned to taste (I love Montreal steak or roasted garlic & herb by McCormick) then broiled on low for 10 mins for thin chicken breast or 15-20 for pork chops. Add a tossed salad or steamed broccoli (from the freezer section which microwaves for 5 mins) and the meat can all be frozen already seasoned so all you have to do is put on the pan.

Crockpot meals. Throw things in as I pass through the kitchen in the morning, and it miraculously turns into dinner in the evening.

1.   cranberry, green apple, pecan spinach, grilled chicken salad with balsamic vinaigrette dressing. 2.risotto (its like pasta) but cooked with chicken stock/broth, chopped onions, salt and white pepper and Parmesan/ Gruyere cheeses- takes 30 minutes tops). 3. pasta with marinara sauce. I always make a bunch of pasta sauce and freeze it. therefore all i have to do is thaw it when i need some and the pasta will cook in 10-13 minutes tops. 4. you can always roast a chicken one day and use the left over meat for soups, salads, sandwiches etc. 5. thin pork chops on the bone cooked in honey with salt and pepper, with russet steamed potatoes (clean, wrap in foil cook in oven at 375 for 50 mins, about when there is ten minutes left on potatoes cook pork chops, cook frozen peas or green beans in boiling water for 5 minutes and bam you have a meal. while potatoes cooking you can continue writing (put a timer on)

I freeze portions of stuff I've made for family dinners so I can defrost them for lunch. Various types of chilli are my favourite. And I cook extra rice so I can freeze that too.

I eat a lot of cheese, crackers, and meat I'm unwilling to share details about. I have a few bites and go back to writing.

I adore this tahini dressing they make at a local health food chain. I dip peppers and cauliflower in it, add a piece of cheese and some raw nuts and call it a meal. I also recommend the already made turkey and mashed potatoes, and chicken piccata at Trader Joes. Delicious! We even serve it to company! LOL

One of the easiest one pot dishes I make is cheeseburger pasta. Sounds weird, I know, but it's so good. Everyone I've made it for loves it.
Ingredients for four people:
-Pound of ground turkey
- one chopped onion
-One cup of ketchup
-two Cans of Campbell's cheddar cheese soup (reduced fat)
-beef stock
-box of pasta (I use bow tie but whatever floats your boat, lol)
-Adobo (Latin mix of seasonings:garlic, salt,pepper, and oregano)
-cup of frozen veggies (I've used kale, broccoli, butternut squash etc..)

1-Season ground turkey with adobo and brown in large pot. Add onions, whatever veggies you're using, mix, and heat for a couple minutes until onions are softened.
2- add ketchup, cheddar cheese soup, box of pasta, and enough stock to cover everything.
3- cover and cook on medium heat, stirring frequently so the bottom doesn't burn, for twenty minutes.

The liquid will reduce and you'll end up with a cheese sauce coating the meat/veggie/pasta dish.

I don't know about a main course but here's one for a salad/dessert(I just made some for tomorrow): 16oz. cottage cheese, 8oz tub of cool whip, and jello of your choosing. Mix all 3, let sit overnight, and serve. Oh, and just use the jello powder don't make the jello before mixing it in. Today I used raspberry jello but I've used peach, strawberry, black cherry, any flavor works. It's light but filling, works great for salad or dessert.

Get four chicken quarters. Boil with your chosen spices for a hour. Pull chicken set aside to cool.

Using the water that you boiled the chicken in add two pounds of rice. Cook until done. Drain.

Shred chicken add to rice, add one large can of cream of chicken soup. Mix well.
You can eat straight from the pot or place in casserole dish adding French onions to top.


I make a box of mac-n-cheese and throw some tuna in it. it taste just like the tuna cheese helper. I'm also a fan of ham and cheese on rye, lol.

Get two boxes of your favorite type of stuffing mix, and some boneless pork chops. Mix stuffing according to directions and put in casserole dish. Place pork chops on top of the stuffing and pop into the oven for twenty minutes.

Dinner is served

Instant pudding is easy and good, pre made sandwich

I do all the cooking the weekend, so I have just to reheat all along the week. I have no time to cook the week with my job


Twenty-one ideas. So, don’t starve sweet authors. Or anyone who has a busy job and can’t be bothered. Your fellow people are here to guide you.
Bon Appetit!

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