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Cover Reveal: A Gentleman's Fate by AJ Linn #Excerpt

Title: A Gentleman's Fate
Series: The Gentleman's Series
Author: AJ Linn
Genre: Romance
Release Date: June 2015
A Gentleman's Fate finds Donovan Hart fighting for what he's always wanted.
Just when everything seems to be falling into place, he finds himself at another crossroads, and is reminded, yet again, that in the game of life and love, sometimes the players don't play nice.
Circumstances change. Relationships shatter. Life, as he knows it, suddenly becomes something he would never have anticipated.
Love, loss, plus plenty of the twists and turns that we've come to expect from AJ Linn fill the pages of his latest book in the series.
Will they ultimately lead him to what he's always wanted?
Or will his destiny be a fate he has never imagined?
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We arrive at the dock, and before us is the hard-not-to-miss gondola, filled with red roses and surrounded by dozens of tiny white flickering votives. The priest and the gondolier are standing by, making the big surprise even more obvious with their shit-eating grins. It quickly becomes apparent to Scarlett what’s happening, and she doesn't say a word. She just stands there, stunned, speechless, and horrified. “Come aboard, happy couple!” the gondolier says, attempting an American accent, not overshadowing his own thick Italian. “We have-a da champagne on ice for da celebration of this most joyous of occasions!” “The celebration? Donovan? What's going on?” she asks, not taking her eyes off of the priest. “What is this?” “This, Scarlett, is me trying to marry you. The romantic shit that you hate, remember?” “Donovan?” A confused, terrified look sweeps across her face.      teasers     D Hart TT 12 09 14 33      gypsy 2222      about the author A.J. Linn published his debut novel, A Gentleman's Affair, Volume 1 of The Gentleman's Series, in May, 2013. Since that time, he has continued protagonist Donovan Hart's story in A Gentleman's Secret, published in December, 2013, and revealed Donovan's earlier life in a prequel, A Gentleman's Memoir, a novella published in August, 2014. The series quickly became very popular with fans of his RP/character blog, which he'd been writing for almost a year. He credits those fans with this series, since they were the ones who encouraged him to "write a book" and dedicated the books to them. With his unique voice and writing style, the popularity of the series began to grow, despite the promotion and marketing challenges facing a self-published indie author. In an original and creative idea, he gave his readers the opportunity to submit "characters" for A Gentleman's Secret and A Gentleman's Memoir, which he crafted into the story. The results were intriguing and sometimes hilarious, as he paid the ultimate compliment to his fans and readers...making their characters part of Donovan's story. While having full-time job and a very busy life make finding time to write a challenge at times, his readers are in agreement that he has done a fantastic job: four books in two years is quite an accomplishment. The paperback editions of the series can be found on Amazon. The ebooks are available on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes.                         in the series_edited-1
Summary of The Gentleman’s Series - All Four Books
In A Gentleman's Affair, (volume 1) we met the handsome Malibu playboy, Donovan Hart, the entitled, notorious heartbreaker, who would rather spend his days on the beach than in the office. He had his pick of the most beautiful women in Malibu, and had no intention of settling down. But tragic events would change all that and force him to make serious changes in his life. Donovan goes from player to entrepreneur overnight, and finding love...surprisingly... becomes a high priority. That, and opening the first adult club in Malibu.
In A Gentleman's Secret, (volume 2) Donovan's story continues, as he faces more challenges when it comes to affairs of the heart, opens a new hotel in Las Vegas, and discovers that his girl may have even more secrets to keep than he does. Will love endure?
A Gentleman's Memoir (volume 3) is a flashback of Donovan’s life. This prequel gives you an intimate look into his past and takes you on his journey into the adult world where anything goes...and it usually does.
That brings us to A Gentleman's Fate (volume 4)...
Just when everything seems to be falling into place, Donovan finds himself at another crossroads, and is reminded, yet again, that in the game of life and love, sometimes the players don't play nice. Love, loss, and yes, more twists and turns fill the pages of his latest book in The Gentleman's Series.
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A Gentleman's Affair (Book 1)
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A Gentleman's Secret (Book 2)
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A Gentleman's Memoir (Book 3)
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