Sunday, May 17, 2015

Raising Loving Children #HAHABT #IDAHO #Giveaway #HAH

Today, May 17th is International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia. The Hop Against Homophobia Bi- and Transphobia is just one way to help spread awareness. The Hop has over 100 participants all helping spread the word that Homophobia is NOT okay. That whether you're 1 or 10 or 100 your voice matters and can help turn the tables.  To learn more about International Day Against Homophobia, please check out their website:

As a mother I decided I'd take my time on Hop to share a bit what it's like raising my children to not be homophobic. To love and not hate. To understand, learn.

As a parent I face daily challenges. “I can’t find my shoes,” is a daily struggle in my house. There are homework dramas, friends not getting along dramas, and the ever popular, I don’t want to eat that dramas.

However, I’m a lucky person. My children are amazing. They are kind. Your race, gender, preferences, mean nothing to them. I am raising my children to love people. Not certain people, but all people.

One topic that has come up in my house is gay rights. With the wait to hear from SCOTUS and my constant support; my children hear me… children hear everything.

One day my son asked me, “What are you reading?” I happen to be reading an article about Matthew Shepard at that time. I told him exactly that. Of course he asked, “Who’s that?” So, I told him. I told him because he wanted to know but more importantly I felt he needed to know. He was appalled. And so the questions came more often.

“Why would someone do that?”
“Were the people who did that gay too?”
“Did Matthew attack them and they were defending themselves?”

And then came the ultimate one. The one we all ask all the time… “Mom, I don’t understand. Can you explain to me why they felt they had to do that?”

Explaining homophobia to my children was harder than I thought. Why? Because by their logic it didn’t make sense.

“Why are people afraid of homosexuality, Mom?” my daughter asked. “It’s not like it can hurt you. It’s not contagious.” She’s 7 by the way.
“It’s why in the definition it’s referred to as an irrational fear, sweetheart.”
“Maybe they should do their homework then. When I’m afraid or don’t understand I ask you and daddy. Or I find a book and read it. Maybe they are scared because they don’t understand.”

These are the moments I know I’m raising my children right. I don’t teach them to JUST love everyone. To JUST respect everyone. I explain both sides. Let them let it sink in and answer follow up questions for them.
Children are sponges. Parents, grandparents, guardians, teachers. They are the ones that influence how they will view the world. Before they are tainted by social media and ALL of society’s opinions, these are the people that will shape their views.

When you teach your child to hate. They will hate.
When you teach your child to love. They will love.

Fortunately, times are changing. People ARE learning. Younger generations are fighting the older generations. And they are so so smart.

The next time you look in the eyes of a child, of an innocence and future that is, in that moment, shapeless, realize the power you have in molding them. 


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As a participant in the Hop I am doing a giveaway. One winner will win this awesome NOH8 tote bag And a $10.00 donation to NOH8 in their name.

 Simply enter below!!! Since the Hop runs until May 24th, so does the contest :) Good luck to you all and remember your voice matters. Your guidance to our youth is vital!


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  1. I also believe in teaching and educating your children. So far like you I have been lucky that I have raised an awesome daughter who believes that love is love no matter the differences.

    1. They rarely teach it in school. My son (He's 12) will research to get information. My girls being so little I keep it in terms they can understand. As they grow the lessons change.

  2. You have such wonderful children they are a credit to you. It's so sad that many parents don't or won't explain that not everybody has to be, or is the same and they should be taught to respect and be kind to everyone.


    1. Thank you and yes, it's sad common kindness is practiced so little

  3. If only all parents could raise their kids that way. Kudos!

  4. People believe that kids aren't ready or old enough to hear about non-heterosexual relationships. What makes them ready for being exposed to het at at early age? *side eyes certain popular princessy movies*
    Unlike adults, they don't automatically equate love with sex. For them, love is just love. High fives from one mom to another who's keeping the communication open and honest about love being love, no matter who it's with. It's how I strive everyday to be with my 7yo girl when we have our conversations about the world.

    1. *fist bump* You make a very good point. Why is homosexual taught to be taboo when like you say "Princessy" movies teach horrid lessons in heterosexuality

  5. I am a lead teacher in ages birth to 3 years. I believe I help to spread awareness by educating not only the children in my care but their parents as well. I encourage gender neutral language and roles within my classrooms. Playing is playing, there are not girl and boy toys, there are simply toys, there are not girl or boy activities, here are simply learning experiences. When we teach acceptance from the get go, when we encourage diversity, we are able to give children the environment in which they can be whatever and whomever their souls are meant to be.

  6. My teenage daughter has grown up with a cousin who was adopted by her two mommies so it has always been something natural to her. Their acceptance was never an issue in our extended family even though the majority of them are devout Catholics. I'm definitely encouraged that her generation seems much more tolerant and accepting and hope that bodes well for the future.

  7. Loved the personal parenting story. I see issues all the time as I work with children. Some will spout curses at the drop of a hat and others will hit their parents to get their way. Where is this behavior learned? They certainly weren't born knowing it. I truly believe that if we could improve the way that people are taught from a young age, that we would have a lot more acceptance.

  8. Liked tour comments. I try to explain to my children that they should decide for themselves whether they like someone rgardless of sex, colour, race, sexual orientation, religion or friends opinions. And I always talk about trash talk comments and how hurtful they can be

  9. I am a teacher and I try to teach the kids to be open minded and accept each other.

  10. living by example - showing your friends it's totally acceptable

  11. Everything begins with what we teach children. Thank you for this post!

  12. I'm trying to teach my niece and nephew not to be mean and I'm hoping to lead up them being open minded since they're really young. My teenage brother is also someone I kind of lecture to be more open minded and nicer to people regardless of how they may act.


  13. Yeah,the best way to fight against homo-,bi- and transphobia is to start with a children...
    I try to influence those who I am close to,but I live in a country of many prejudices,and sometimes it's hard to change people's opinion no matter how logical reasoning may be...but I think it's getting better,there is a greater awareness,especially among young people.

  14. Thank you for the wonderful post! It spoke directly to me as I am trying to raise my two young children similarly to what you are doing.

  15. Thanks for the post sounds like you are raising your children right. My children are grown, but both are aware of my support of gay rights. I hope I help not tolerating hate speak. Also by posting positive messages on my Fb so family and friends can maybe open their hearts and minds