Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Random Review: Fight For You by Jaclyn Quinn #Review #Giveaway

Title: Fight For You
Series: Beyond The Cove #4
Author: Jaclyn Quinn
Self Published
Publication Date: April 26, 2020
Length: 253 pages 

Reviewed by Sammy


Is this a love worth fighting for?

One man is haunted by a past he can’t outrun.
One man is branded by a legacy he can’t hide.
One man is burdened by a guilt he can’t deny.

The usually peaceful town of Riverside Falls has had its very core shaken by traumatic events. Three men find themselves at the center of it all, thrown together by circumstances beyond their control.

Sawyer Levy came to Riverside Falls four years ago to escape from…well…life, but when he finds himself in need of care, he’s forced to trust not one but two men for the first time in years.

Grant Belford is riddled with shame in the tragic aftermath of incidents he didn’t see coming, blaming himself for the terror that rocked his town over the last few months.

Captain Mason Lockley is struggling with the recent events that have shaken up the quiet town of Riverside Falls, tormented by one thought, over and over again: Did he miss the signs because of jealousy?

Having no choice but to lean on each other, the three men suffering with their own demons aren’t expecting to have such an undeniable connection—or to fall so hard. It’s a love they don’t understand, but will they realize it’s worth fighting for?

***Fight for You picks up where Thirst for You left off. Therefore, if you would like to avoid spoilers from Thirst for You, it is suggested you read that book first in order to truly understand what the characters in this book are going through.
***There is a retelling of a violent event from an MC's past. Though it is not told as it’s happening, it may be triggering to some readers.


Reader Warning: If you have not read book two in Jaclyn Quinn’s Beyond the Cove series, this review may contain spoilers.

Recovering from a hit and run is not an easy thing but having your overzealous yet caring mother around is a whole other problem—particularly since she tends to talk too much. Sawyer knows because Mason has just informed him that the cat is out of the bag and he knows one of the secrets Sawyer has been hiding for the last few years while working at Zach’s bar. But there’s more to the story than even Mason knows and Sawyer is determined not to reveal anything more about himself—too bad he ends up staying with Grant and Mason after being released from the hospital. Keeping things from the two men who make his body tingle in all the wrong ways is going to prove to be way too much to handle.

Mason is happy that he could convince Grant to stay with him after the death of Grant’s girlfriend—the one who tried to murder Grant’s brother, Drew. But the man is a stubborn mule when it comes to admitting that her actions were not his fault—that no one, including Mason who was the chief investigator on the case, could guess at what was coming. All his friends and his brother Sawyer, have assured Grant that his guilt is misplaced but the fact that a woman who was only pretending to love him in order to get back with his best friend, Zach, was a homicidal maniac is going to stay with him for quite a while. Now he is determined to help Sawyer recover even if it means dealing with his long held feelings for Mason. But why is he jealous every time Mason and Sawyer share a look—a glance that shuts Grant out—like they have a secret he doesn’t know and who is he jealous of exactly?

Three men—all with secrets, all emotionally vulnerable, all wanting each other, come together in Jaclyn Quinn’s latest novel, Fight for You, the fourth installment of her Beyond the Cove series. Guilt binds up poor Grant tighter than he can manage to breathe sometimes. But Mason, the man who has always loved Grant and understood that theirs was an unrequited relationship, is there—ready to catch Grant and hold him no matter what. When both men begin to understand that Sawyer is somehow bound to them, that it makes sense when the three of them are together, it’s going to take all their insight and caring to draw Sawyer out of a past that haunts him to this day. Poor Mason, not only will he have to break down the walls Grant has built around his heart, he will have to convince Sawyer, the man they both are falling in love with, that he is safe with them.

Ménage is not usually my favorite trope but I must tell you that this slow burning romance between three wounded men is written incredibly well and mesmerizing. Jaclyn Quinn has the ability to dig deep into the hearts and minds of her characters and make them larger than life in terms of their emotional core. These men are desperate for love and they find it in each other after much self-doubt, denial and hesitancy. They have all been burned before and all have some kind of baggage that prevents them from seeing how love can be when the person you have feelings for is the right one. Thankfully they figure it out by the end—and it is really quite beautiful to see.

An important note—this book is NOT a standalone and should preferably be read right after book two in the series as it deals immediately with aftermath of that novel. You will not be able to make sense of this story if you have not read Thirst for You and trust me it is worth it to read all of these books because this series is outstanding.


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