Monday, May 4, 2020

New Release Review: His Accidental Daddy by Luna David #Review #Giveaway

Title: His Accidental Daddy
Author: Luna David
Self Published
Publication Date: April 13, 2020
Length: 292 pages

Reviewed by Truus


With the deck stacked against him from birth, Asher Simmons lives a quiet, simple life. He talks to plants more than he does humans and prefers it that way. Though he often feels like something is missing, understanding what that is and how to get it feels like an insurmountable task.

Making a living out of helping others achieve their professional dreams serves to help Thornton Hayes realize his own. He's also a Daddy, through and through. But Thornton's one dream of finding a boy who needs a man to take care of his every need is one he's had no luck of fulfilling.

When a terrible accident brings the two men together, neither of them expect their intense connection. Has Daddy found a little he can pamper, protect, and provide for, or will Asher deny every instinct he has to regress?


Asher and Thornton

The start of this story was instantly full of excitement, the circumstances Asher and Thornton’s lives collided and it was extraordinary and with quite some impact.
After a while, I was able to take a somewhat easier breath. Dang!

Asher is full of anxiety, fears, panic attacks and lives a solemn life. He is always wary, always alert of his surroundings. After being involved with Thornton, his life will never be the same. With tiny tiny little steps, Thornton the Daddy he is, earns some trust from Asher. The road to a better place seems almost impossible to travel.
I loved the bubble this narrative resided. My favorite place for a story was the focus on both men.

There is quite a special dynamic between Asher and Thornton. One I wasn’t quite familiar with and very happy to know more about.

When you meet Beauty and Beast your heart will explode, what a great addition.
There are some priceless friends and family members, on both Asher and Thornton’s sides, who made the circle complete.

“Why does it feel like home?” When you understand the world behind this sentence, oh my dear heart.

The innocent sweet Asher learns how to find the right mindset and oh my goodness what an experience!

An ultra-gentle build up to a total take over and surrendering, goshhhh.
We got here a story with a high level of hurt and comfort. My heart had a difficult time holding a steady pace. It is a lot to take in, it could be too much, but it wasn’t. Every time we get a piece of the puzzle from Asher’s life, and piece by piece we understand and see the whole picture better, how it is, it’s bad, but with all the care, it only got better and better for him. A very detailed journey, amazingly developed, every turn, every breath every quiver, every whisper has a place here and it was breathtaking, endearing, and on top of it arousing and erotic.
Awesomely captivatingly way of writing, it was consistent and plausible, very enjoyable
What a great story!

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