Monday, August 13, 2018

Random Review: Cort- Unbreakable by Felice Stevens #Review #Giveaway

Author: Felice Stevens
Title: Cort-Unbreakable
Series: Man Up #4
Publication date: August 7, 2018
Length: 225 pages

Reviewed by Jenn


I spent years waiting for someone who never put me first. 
He took my love, took me for granted. 
Took my heart. 
Now I’m on my own. 
Living life my way. 
The crowd only sees my smile. 
Never my loneliness and pain. 
I need someone to need me. 
When I meet another lost soul my friends try to warn me. 
He’s a liar. 
A user. 
He’s all that and more. 
He’s everything I’ve ever wanted. 

I’m king of my world. 
Then it all comes crashing down. 
My secrets are exposed. 
I’m cut off from my family. 
Unrecognizable from the man I used to be. 
Barely surviving, living day-to-day and out of control. 
Nothing to hold on to. 
I let go and fall so far there’s no way up. 
Until a cowboy reaches into my darkness and brings me back to the light. 
With him I can breathe. 
I can be who I am. 
Who he needs. 
He gives me hope 
To find myself. 
To find love.

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Cort-Unbreakable is book four in Felice Stevens' Man Up series and is now my favorite in the series. Cort is quite simply one of the most genuine, sweet, lovable and sexy men to come across a page in awhile. And he’s an honest to goodness cowboy!

Cort is living in New York after leaving his small town in Texas. He dances at the men’s strip club Man Up and has made a couple very close friends there, friends that he’s watched fall in love recently. He is happy for them, he really is, he’s just lonely. When he meets Harlan, a homeless man, everyone worries that Cort’s sweet nature will be taken advantage of. Maybe it will be, but Cort isn’t going to walk away from a friend in need.

Harlan is not only homeless, but is reeling from everything that has put him on the streets. He once had it all and now he’s stealing cheese and crackers at a book store reading. The friendly cowboy who sneaks him extra snacks and some cash every now and then isn’t supposed to become his friend. When Harlan has nowhere to go, Cort opens his home to him. Soon, Cort is opening his heart too. Harlan has demons he needs to face to be good enough to look himself in the eye, let alone a man as wonderful as Cort. Now comes the part where we see how far two men from such different worlds will work for a friendship that makes sense to no one else. A relationship that may be just what the other has always needed.

I loved this book so much, as I said above, Cort is so special. How often in life do we get the chance to meet someone who is so genuinely good? Felice Stevens pairing him up with a character we’ve met before, someone with seemingly no redeeming qualities was genius. I loved watching the care and effort that went into building this relationship. You’re left realizing that even if they stumble along the way, this bond in truly unbreakable. My favorite so far and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

All the feels!


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