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Random Review: Gray's Shadow by K.A. Merikan #Review #Giveaway

Author: K.A. Merikan
Title: Gray's Shadow
Series: Kings of Hell MC #4
Publisher: Acerbi & Villani Ltd
Publication Date: August 11, 2018
Length: 458 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


--- There can be no shadow without the man to cast it. ---

Gray. Lost his twin. Will never be complete. Works alone.
Shadow. Monster? Human? Exists to be Gray’s one true companion.

After losing his twin brother, Gray has devoted his life to the Kings of Hell MC. He will do anything to protect his family and that means anything.

Even sell his own shadow to the devil.

Following a fire that left him without one arm, Gray feels pushed to the sidelines. In order to prove to his club that he is still capable of completing dangerous tasks, he will have to team up with the strange creature from the Other Side. Tall, inhumanly strong, and menacing despite the handsome exterior, Shadow is just the tool Gray needs.

The moment Shadow lays his eyes on Gray, he wants to crawl under Gray’s skin and make the human his.

Gray on the other hand isn’t willing to get attached to a monster destined to do the devil’s bidding and disappear once his time is up. Rejected, Shadow has to do everything in his power to convince his human that they belong together.

But as the clock ticks away precious minutes of Shadow’s existence, Gray will have to choose between his loyalty to the Kings of Hell MC and responsibility for the creature he brought into this world.


“Do you feel me running through your veins?”
Gray nodded. 

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This series always takes my breath away. These authors pull all the emotions out of me. I can feel the fear, sadness, and despair of their characters. But in all this time, after all these books, I never wept more than I did for Shadow.

I was so angry at Gray for the longest time in this book. And the club. I raged as I read. So often I felt like screaming, "You don't deserve him." But this is K.A. Merikan we're talking about here! Vicious women they are (LOL)

There's a reason it's labeled horror and yep I was totally scared at parts. But let's talk more about Shadow. I loved him. His selflessness and need to love and touch made my heart ache. Has anyone ever loved me as much as Shadow loves Gray? No. He'd die for him, bleed, and suffer for him and he did all those things.

There's so much poignancy to this story for Gray's character and for life in general. How Shadow sees the world, his almost childlike outlook even jolted me out of my jaded and cynical existence. This one was my favorite of the four books and that's saying something since they are all amazing.

It is a story arc so start from book one. This series will take you on a dark journey, one will have you questioning everything. It will play with your mind and heart. But mostly it will leave you with a book hangover.


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