Sunday, December 10, 2017

Random Review: Desperately Seeking Santa by Eli Easton #Review #Giveaway

Author: Eli Easton
Book: Desperately Seeking Santa
Self Published
Publication Date: November 22, 2017
Length: 160 pages

Reviewed by Erin


Journalism student Gabe Martin gets his first professional assignment—to write about a Christmas charity dinner that benefits a children’s home. It sounds like a total snooze-fest until Gabe learns that the event’s Santa is a mystery man. He shows up in costume and no one has a clue who he is. Uncovering Santa’s identity sounds like the perfect angle to turn a fluff piece into serious journalism.

Mack “The Mountain” McDonall, at 6’10”, is University of Wisconsin-Madison’s enormous star wrestler. When Gabe first claps eyes on him at a wrestling match, it’s lust at first sight. Gabe’s friend, Jordan, sets up the pair on a date. But when Gabe chatters on about his plans for outing Santa, Mack goes cold, and their first meeting becomes an epic fail.

As Gabe researches the children’s home, he learns that Mack has secrets a guy famous for being a brute wouldn’t want the world to know. Can Gabe find his holiday spirit, write a killer article, win the heart of a surly giant, and give everyone a very merry Christmas?

NOTE: This 50,000 word short novel features a new couple but includes Jordan and Owen, from the author’s book “Superhero”. It can be read as a stand-alone.


It sure doesn't feel like Christmas until I read an Eli Easton holiday story. Her stories are full of all the best things of this time of year and they will absolutely put you in the mood, no matter if you're a scrooge or an elf all about spreading the joy. Desperately Seeking Santa was so much fun--light, sweet, and sure to satisfy. 

Gabe Martin is all set to cover his first event as a journalist when he's tasked with writing about a charity dinner. He's not all that excited about it, to be honest, thinking it's just another ho-hum event, that is until Santa shows up, decked out in all his red and white glory. No one knows who's buried under that coat and beard and Gabe decides his angle is going to be exposing whoever the secret Santa is. If you've read Easton's Superheroes (and if not, shame on you!) you're in for quite the special treat as Jordan and Owen figure prominently in this book. It was such a delight to see these guys again! And it's Jordan who drags Gabe to a wrestling match where he's completely awestruck by Mack McDonall, otherwise known as "The Mountain". At 6'10" the nickname is perfect and Gabe is immediately smitten. An introduction leads to a date, where things don't go exactly swimmingly thanks to Gabe's talk of wanting to expose the secret Santa from the charity dinner. 

Mack was such a gentle guy--a definite case of there's more than meets the eye. He's quiet and shy and hiding a big part of himself until he learns to trust Gabe, a thing that doesn't come easily to the big guy. We find out why Mack dressed up as Santa and as the two learn more about one another, Gabe's feelings change, not just about Mack, but about himself, too. These two were utterly adorable together. So sweet and endearing. Desperately Seeking Santa was a heartwarming, charming holiday story that really shows why Easton's Christmas stories are a must for anyone needing some feel good cheer. 


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  1. Kill Game, The Quarterback, Steam Roller, and Wild are all books I've really enjoyed recently. Not very Christmassy I suppose :-)