Monday, December 11, 2017

Random Review: City Boy by A.E. Wasp #Review #Giveaway

Author: A.E. Wasp
Book: City Boy
Series: Hot Off The Ice #1
Self Published
Publication Date: June 29, 2017
Length: 318 pages

Reviewed by Jenn


Follow the money or follow your heart?

All Bryce Lowery knows how to do is play hockey. He’s been playing professionally since he was fifteen. Twenty years later, he’s rich, famous, tired, and alone. And possibly gay according to his ex-wife.

When a blown tire leads directly to mind-blowing sex with a motorcycle-riding white knight named Dakota, Bryce discovers he is most definitely gay. Now Bryce has a tough choice to make, follow the money to a new multimillion dollar contract, or follow his heart into the unknown?

All Dakota Ryan knows how to do is grow apples. Now at twenty-four, he faces losing both his home and his livelihood in one cruel twist of fate.

Then Bryce Lowery crashes into his life like the answer to all of Dakota’s prayers. He’s whispering promises to make all of Dakota’s wildest dreams come true. But Dakota knows better than to give his heart to someone who could leave, and if life has taught him anything, it’s that everyone leaves.

Dakota has a choice, sit back and wait for Bryce to decide his fate, or for the first time in his life, chose what he wants his future to be.


What if everything you thought you knew about yourself was wrong, what would you do? Everyone around you seems to know a secret about you that you don’t know yourself.

Professional hockey player Bryce Lowery is having a tough time, he’s at a crossroad in his life. Bryce is recovering from knee surgery and has some decisions to make, should he retire or sign a new contact with his team. Bryce and his salary has always taken care of his whole family and walking away seems really scary. When he learns of an Apple farm he has inherited, he decides to go check it out and to eventually get his mom settled in there.

Dakota has lived and worked on the apple farm since hew was a boy. When he loses his own family, the owner takes him in and they become a family. Dakota has been promised the farm, but when he can’t produce a new will, he has to prepare himself for a new owner. As Dakota sets out on a motorcycle ride to clear his mind, he meets a man in distress and stops to help.

When a blown tire leaves Bryce stranded on the road and a guy on a motorcycle stops to help, all of a sudden Bryce as an answer to a question he never really asked himself before. Bryce sees the handsome, sexy  Dakota and his mind and heart tell him “I’m gay” Bryce truly did not know this about himself, he hasn’t been lying or hiding. He has been focused on his career and taking care of his family and really didn’t  notice he was gay. Seeing Dakota makes him notice, really notice. With lots of flirtation and am enormance amount of attraction, the two spend a steamy afternoon in a cabin. There is no denying it now, thanks to Dakota, a handsome stranger, Bryce learns he is most definitely gay. He embraces the afternoon knowing he’ll never see Dakota again.

The next day the two men will discover that through the Apple farm, they are connected. Where will they go from here and what will Bryce decide to do about his future are all questions that need answers. One thing is very clear though, that afternoon in the cabin was no fluke. These two could really have something together if they’re willing to take a giant chance. With the help of family and friends, both old and new, Bryce will finally begin to embrace what so many saw but him. He is a man falling in love with another man for the first time in his life and it’s okay, he’s going to be okay.

This is such a genuinely sweet romance, I love Bryce and Dakota so much. I love how the author wrote Bryce as someone open and honest, if somewhat oblivious. His reactions are so honest and real, he just won me over so quickly! I was happy to learn this is the first in a series and book two, Country Boy is already out. I’m looking forward to reading this and hopefully we’ll see Bryce and Dakota some more too.


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