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Release Day Review: Wild Retaliation by Ethan Stone #Review #Giveaway

Author: Ethan Stone
Book: Wild Retaliation
Series: Seaside Shifters #1
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publication date: September 7, 2016
Length: 121 pages

Reviewed by Morningstar


Chief of Police John Dakota is in a world of trouble. His peaceful town of Seaside, Oregon, has been rocked by a wave of unsolved murders. The bloody deaths are eerily reminiscent of ones that occurred in Seaside years ago. Back then John worked hard to make sure the truth about the killer was never revealed. Now he’s afraid the past is coming back to haunt him.

Trevor English, the nosy reporter who occasionally shares John’s bed, is demanding information about the crimes. He also wants more of John’s affections. But John can’t afford to give in to either demand without risking the revelation of Seaside’s biggest secret: the town is a haven for shifters, and John is one of them.

To solve the crime—and prevent more victims—John must delve into the past. Many members of Seaside’s shifter community are involved, but it’s becoming harder and harder to tell which residents can be trusted. Even John’s family isn’t above suspicion. The body count is rising, and it looks like John is the killer’s next target.

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This story contained two of my favorite things...shifters and mystery! Add to the fact that it’s a bear shifter (among others) living in a town where the humans do not know the shifter exist makes this murder mystery even better! Now I haven’t ever read Ethan Stone before so I was excited by the story and getting to read a new to me author!

Murder mysteries are some of my favorite tropes because of all the tension of “who’s the villain?” and “Are they going to catch the bad guy in time?” questions that run through your mind while reading. Add in Trevor English the human who is the friends with benefits for our resident Chief of Police and bear shifter John Dakota and now we have some heat and altogether a different kind of tension. More than a couple times in the book I wanted to skip to the end to see who the murderer was because sitting on the edge of my seat was getting to me! But alas I was good and just went along for the ride the author took me on.

John knows what will happen next because the murders seem to follow the same MO as a string of murders that happened nine years ago, ones that hit very close to home. But what doesn’t help him solve the case is that he basically has to hide more than normal about the case because of the fact that they know it's a shifter which is the town's biggest secret. And all the while we get to see John start to struggle with his friends with benefits relationship with Trevor and how it’s starting to feel one kiss at at time like more, more that he is not ready for now or maybe ever, no matter what his bear says.

And Trevor, the reporter for the local paper, unbeknownst to John loves him but doesn’t want to push to hard too fast because he knows John will bolt. Again secrets seem to be the name of the game in this story! Trevor is a combination of hot and sweet especially when it comes to Johnny. John is a tough guy with a wall built around him not letting anyone too close but really he cares deeply for his people and his town. Both characters were well developed and were a great fit together! There was a quick mention of mpreg at one point as for someone who loves that I hope it is incorporated in some of the future books but I understand there are many who do not feel the same.

The town was full of interesting characters that played a great help in keeping the tension and murder mystery alive. I hope some of the future books are about some of them and we get to see more of their backgrounds.


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