Friday, September 23, 2016

Random Review: Senseless 2 by Kol Anderson #Review #Giveaway

Author: Kol Anderson
Book: Senseless 2
Self Published
Publication date: August 22, 2016
Length: 113 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


The final chapter in the Senseless Series begins the story from where it ends in book one.

What happens to Colton?
Is Jason going to be able to save his brother or will Devyn and the others win at their game?
Find out what happens in the last installment of 'Senseless.'


When book 1 ended Colton was fleeing his captors. We were nervous and left wondering what was going to happen. Well in book 2 we get our answers. Senseless 2 isn’t as violent as book 1. This one really focused more on the story. The rescue. The revenge. 

Kol Anderson does not err on the side of caution ever. When you read one of his books you will not know if it’s an HEA until the last sentence. I’m not sure I want to tell you if it’s an HEA or not but I will tell you that it’s a perfect addition to this series.

Jason and Colton are brothers and lovers. In book 1 we see Colton paying for the sins of his brother. In this one we see an evolution. Colton of old is no more. This one is much stronger. You kind of have to be after what he’s gone through.
Secrets are revealed and the WHO behind all of this comes to light. I wasn’t too terribly shocked by the mastermind behind this but you might. 

One thing about this book is, if you’re looking for perfect medical writing, it’s not like Kol got it wrong, it’s more like it’s omitted. The reality of Colton’s injuries and the timeline of how he can do the things he does isn’t realistic. But I was able to move beyond that in lieu of the exciting story and conclusion I was anticipating.

Get both books for sure because you’ll want to delve into book 2 immediately following the end of 1. I’m quite pleased with both of these books!


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  1. I am going to look into reading these books. And I am waiting for Alexis Hall's "Pansies" to come out!

  2. I'm going to take a leap of faith on this one, because I try to read the review, but I was afraid of possible spoilers, I read some things, but either even without reading it I was already convinced oI would read this book. I don't know why i haven't yet. Kol Anderson was one of the first authors of M/M books i've read and loved. I was expecting this one to came out before starting with book one, I don't know why I don't have it yet, I'll get it soon.