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Random Review: Copping An Attitude by Morticia Knight #Review #Giveaway

Title: Copping An Attitude 2nd edition 
Series: Sin City Uniforms #2
Author: Morticia Knight
Publisher: Pride Publishing 
Publication Date: May 7, 2019
Length: 172 pages 

Reviewed by Jenn


Survival is all Slade understands until Parker saves him from the terrors of the streets. Too bad the streets won't let Slade go…

Hustler Slade has had little choice over his fate. Barely twenty years old, he’s had to survive any way he can after being thrown out for being gay when he was still in his teens. As soon as he hit Vegas, Slade was lured into the hopeless world of prostitution where he’s become a virtual prisoner to his pimp, the ruthless Julio Estevez.

It’s another typical night on the Strip when officer Parker comes across Slade. His heart breaks every time he sees someone so young being exploited. Yet something in Slade’s eyes tells Parker the young man might be in real trouble—especially after the recent wave of sex worker killings by a rival prostitution ring.

The two men’s lives become intertwined when Slade is almost beaten to death. The danger grows, but so does the relationship between Parker and Slade. Parker helps Slade to heal from the horrific attack and their bond deepens. But the human traffickers are still on the prowl—and they’ll stop at nothing to steal Slade back.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of violence and a brief scene of sexual abuse.

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When I first saw the blurb for Copping an Attitude, it pulled me right in, I love stories of survival. Slade is a young prostitute living in Sin City, a boy forced from his home by his homophobic parents. He’s surviving the only way he can and he’s barely getting by. He’s trapped by a horrible pimp named Julio and has no say in his life at all. Slade’s desperation is very visceral, you feel his pain from the moment we meet him. This is a guy who just needs a chance, an escape.

When Slade is almost arrested by Parker, he thinks he sees something in the man that makes him believe Parker actually wants to help him. Fear holds him back from taking a chance though. He manages to get away, but neither man is able to put the other out of their minds. When a week later, Slade finds himself in trouble, Parker comes to his rescue. This time he has no choice but to accept the help being offered. Slade knows if he stays on the streets, he’s going to die. Parker and Slade --who admits his real name is Lonnie-- begin falling for each other right away. Parker is looking for forever, but Lonnie is so worried about being a burden. Lonnie also has so much baggage to deal with, his sad history has definitely left scars behind…inside and out. While Lonnie is still in danger, Parker offers a safe place to lie low. The two begin a relationship and very real feelings are developing between these two men. It doesn’t matter that Parker is a police officer and Lonnie a former hustler, age doesn’t matter…they just fit. The thing about the past though is that it tends to come back and try to put an end to a happy future. When Lonnie finds himself in trouble, he just hopes that Parker really does care for him and will help him once again.

I really enjoyed this book, it definitely has some insta-love happening. I wanted happiness especially for Lonnie so badly that I loved that. It has some suspense and some dangerous moments that I wish had been fleshed out a bit more, but that’s my personal preference. The author does a great job of making you care about these men and their happiness. I also love that this isn’t a “love conquers all” story, there is therapy and time being given for real healing. Overall, this was a really good addition to this series and a wonderful read.


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