Saturday, May 11, 2019

Author In The Hot Seat: Leta Blake #Interview

It's another Author In The Hot Seat and today we have the lovely Leta Blake. I'm a huge fan, have been for awhile so it's a wonderful treat to get to interrogate... I mean ask her some things. So, sit back and enjoy.

Fast Fire Questions

What was the very first book you ever published?
Levity (though it was called Earthly Desires at the time)

If you could vacation anywhere, right now in this moment, and money not be an issue, where would you go?
The Netherlands or Oahu, Hawaii

Do you have a favorite quote you live by? If so what is it?
It’s not really a quote, just my motto, I guess.

Describe the MM writing community using only three words.
Enthusiastic, devoted, supportive

If your life was a made for TV movie, what would it be called and who would play you?
Bathtub Tales starring Robin Wright

Are you attending any signings or conventions in the future? If so where can we find you?
Yes! I’m going to be at RARE Roma, a signing in Rome, Italy this September!

What is your newest release?
Cowboy Seeks Husband with my co-writer Indra Vaughn

What is coming next from you?
Bitter Heat, the third book in my Heat of Love omegaverse series

If you could only eat either ice cream or cake forever which would you pick?
Cake, specifically chocolate layer cake

Of all the characters you’ve written name one you’d like to come to life and be your best friend.
NONE OF THEM PLEASE OMG. They are all way too demanding.

Do you listen to audiobooks? If yes, what was the last you listened to and loved. And if no, why?
No, because I am actually put to sleep when trying to listen to things like that. For example, podcasts are all the rage, and I can’t get into those either, for the same reason. I have found that I can occasionally listen to a podcast while cleaning, but I’d still rather listen to music that I can sing along to, etc.

Finally, and so important! Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa?

Newest Release

Walker Reed's Louisiana cattle ranch is in debt after costly repairs from hurricane damage. To get the money, his family schemes to make Walker the star of a new bachelor reality series: Queer Seeks Spouse. How hard can it be to fake interest in a dozen handsome men for a few weeks in exchange for enough money to solve all of their problems?

Roan Carmichael never got his Masters degree after his mother was diagnosed with cancer. With medical bills piling up, and a costly experimental treatment available, Roan signs on to be a suitor on Queer Seeks Spouse. While he hates having to leave his sick mother long enough to win the cash for her treatment, he's willing to do whatever it takes.

Can two men who are just in it for the money fake their way into real and lasting love? 

Cowboy Seeks Husband, the latest book by Vespertine authors Leta Blake and Indra Vaughn, features a cowboy, a hipster, opposites attract, steamy scenes, and heart tugging moments that will leave you wanting more.

Author Bio and Links

Author of the bestselling book Smoky Mountain Dreams and the fan favorite Training Season, Leta Blake’s educational and professional background is in psychology and finance, respectively. However, her passion has always been for writing. She enjoys crafting romance stories and exploring the psyches of made up people. At home in the Southern U.S., Leta works hard at achieving balance between her day job, her writing, and her family.

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