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Blog Tour: Reverb by Anna Zabo ~ Exclusive Excerpt #Review #Giveaway

Reverb by Anna Zabo

Series: Twisted Wishes #3

Publisher: Carina Press

Release Date (Print & Ebook): May 6th 2019 (E-only at the moment)

Length (Print & Ebook): 105,000 words

Subgenre: Contemporary Rockstar romance, LGBT romance (m/f with a queer trans man and a pansexual cis woman)

Warnings: Plot revolves around the stalking of a rockstar. Two scenes in a hospital. Short flashback to the start of attempted sexual assault of a minor that is quickly interrupted. 

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Book synopsis:

Twisted Wishes bass player Mish Sullivan is a rock goddess—gorgeous, sexy and comfortable in the spotlight. With fame comes unwanted attention, though: a stalker is desperate to get close. Mish can fend for herself, just as she always has. But after an attack lands her in the hospital, the band reacts, sticking her with a bodyguard she doesn’t need or want.

David Altet has an instant connection with Mish. A certified badass, this ex-army martial arts expert can take down a man twice his size. But nothing—not living as a trans man, not his intensive military training—prepared him for the challenge of Mish. Sex with her is a distraction neither of them can afford, yet the hot, kink-filled nights keep coming.

When Mish’s stalker ups his game, David must make a choice—lover or bodyguard. He’d rather have Mish alive than in his bed. But Mish wants David, and no one, especially not a stalker, will force her to give him up.


Ever since reading the first book of Anna Zabo’s Twisted Wishes series, I’ve been dying to get to know badass guitarist, Mish, better. Reverb, the third book in the series, is her book, and I can say it was definitely worth the wait. Up until now, Mish has been larger than life and steals almost every scene she’s in but it was so great really getting to know what makes her tick.

As the only female member of the rock band, Twisted Wishes, Mish Sullivan gets her fair share of attention. On stage she’s a rock goddess, strutting her stuff every bit as much as the men she performs with. She’s confident and passionate and holds her own with no problem. When a fan turns stalker, her band mates take no chances and hire a bodyguard for her—much to her resistance. Mish has always been the heart of the band, protecting those she loves with a fierceness to be admired, but now its her turn to rely on her friends to help her.

Enter David Altet, a badass in his own right. Ex-military who just also happens to be a martial arts expert, he seems like the perfect man for the job, no matter how Mish feels about the situation. David and Mish have an instant connection, one I totally bought into by the way, and the sexual tension was deliciously palpable. David is strong and capable and the thread of vulnerability that runs through him from his wish to be a part of a family, the Twisted Wishes family in particular, made him such an endearing character.

The representation present in Reverb was just wonderful. Mish is pansexual and David is a trans man, and the way their identities are written was authentic and genuine. Zabo handles each flawlessly, their writing style and descriptions never overly done or too much. 

It was such fun getting to see Ray and Zavier, and Adrian and Dominic again. The band has such a special bond and the love they all have for one another comes through loud and clear. The addition of Marcella was welcome as well and this is a group of people I could happily read about for many more books. I highly recommend the entire series and hope you'll check out Reverb and the first two books, too!

Anna Zabo talks Reverb:

Sometimes protectors need protecting, and there’s no shame in that. It doesn’t make you weak. Sometimes you have to let go of the expectations you’ve carved into yourself to be with someone. Also that the love of family and friends is just as important as romantic love.

 Exclusive Excerpt 

His stare raked over her. “Damn, you are something.” He shook his head. “I shouldn’t say that, I know.”
“Darling, I appreciate a man who appreciates me. These boys see me all the time, and they ain’t interested anyway.”
“I appreciate you,” Marcella said from across the room, humor in her voice.
“Yeah, but you have a no-dating-the-band policy.” She winked at Marcella.
The other woman laughed. “You bet I do. Bands are trouble. So much trouble.” Her smile fell to something friendly. “Besides, pretty sure I’m not your type.”
Mish was pretty sure of that, too. Not that Marcella wasn’t into women—Mish was almost certain she was, but she never got the vibe that Marcella was all that attracted to her in particular. Still, Mish enjoyed teasing Marcella anyway.
She fucking enjoyed teasing all of them.
Her eyes strayed back to David. This one, too, with his dark eyes and hair and intense stare. “I’ll be fine,” she said, finally answering his original question.
Seriousness had settled onto David. “I have no doubt. I know we’ve joked about it, but you really are rock royalty, Mish.”
She spied Ray smiling in the reflection of his mirror.
Okay. She liked David. “You’re a charmer.”
“I don’t know about that.” His expression was sly. “I’m too unvarnished not to tell the truth.”
“Unvarnished.” She laughed. “You know, I’d kiss you on that cute cheek of yours, but then you’d be stuck with a big old blue lip print, and everyone would know where you got it.”
He offered his cheek anyway, and she patted it. “Maybe later, honey.”
“Can’t wait, darling,” he drawled.
“Hey,” Ray said, breaking into the conversation. “You guys keep that up, and there’s gonna be rumors.”
Marcella rolled her eyes. “There are always rumors about the band, Ray.”
“Yeah, but they’re usually about Adrian and me,” said Dom—and this was more Dominic than Domino. “Though I don’t wish a boy toy rumor on you, Mish.”
She waved away Dom’s words.
For his part, David’s smile never wavered. “I’m gonna go check the stage out.”

About Anna Zabo:

Anna Zabo writes contemporary and paranormal romance for all colors of the rainbow. They live and work in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which isn’t nearly as boring as most people think.

Anna grew up in the wilds of suburban Philadelphia before returning to their ancestral homelands in Western Pennsylvania. They can be easily plied with coffee.

Anna has an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University, where they fell in with a roving band of romance writers and never looked back. They also have a BA in Creative Writing from Carnegie Mellon University.

Anna uses they/them pronouns and prefers Mx. Zabo as an honorific.

Connect with Anna:

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