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Random Review: To Change The Stars by L.M. Brown #Review #Giveaway

Title: To Change The Stars
Author: L.M. Brown
Publisher: Pride Publishing/First For Romance 
Publication Date: April 23, 2019
Length: 156 pages

Reviewed by Truus


Jessiah will do whatever it takes to save his people—lying, spying or even selling his body.

A book written hundreds of years ago holds the key to the future of the last survivors of the human race.

Growing up in a massive underground cave network, Jessiah has never known any other world. When he discovers the existence of a time portal, he enlists the help of his friends to expose the truth about the greedy scientists who control it.

Garrett has no head for science and struggles to earn the respect of both his peers and his father. With a taste for parties and whores, Garrett is the chosen target for Jessiah and his friends to gain access to the laboratory containing the time portal.

Impatient and impulsive, Jessiah decides to move things along at a faster pace by playing the role of a prostitute to get close to Garrett. He is prepared to sacrifice his virginity for their cause, but he doesn’t plan on falling for Garrett in the process.

With the future of the human race in the balance, the stakes for humanity are high. With his heart on the line, the risk Jessiah takes might be even higher.

Only together can Jessiah and Garrett change the stars of everyone in the caverns.

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There is an entire civilization living underground because of the poisonous air on the surface, caused by the Last War.

When Jessiah, Corinne, and Ashleigh get the knowledge of a Portal to better places which is located and hidden in a science lab, they have to infiltrate one of the scientists’ life to find access to the portal. Garrett seems to be an easy one.

Garrett is always looking for new whores and never engages with one twice. When he laid eyes on Jesse, he is more than intrigued by this whore.

Under false pretenses, Jesse finds a way to get Garret’s attention.
Jesse feels uncomfortable pretending to be a whore, but it’s all for an important cause.
When both men get involved, there is an added problem, Jessiah didn’t expect to fall hard for the man who only sees him as a whore.

To get to the portal it isn’t as easy as it seems and even more difficult after Garrett gets fired by his own father.

What a delicious read this was.

I expected it to be a harsher read with a lot of resistance but surprisingly it was quite a kind story. This was one of the things I loved in this read.
The story is smoothly written and comfortable to read. The scenery was not extensively developed, but enough to get a good impression. Most of the characters were all kind of nice and accommodating, except a few rude ones. Both Jessiah and Garrett were absolutely adorable and very lovable. Their emotions and sexy times were all delicious and well displayed. The whole move from the civilization stayed a bit vague but I didn’t mind because for me this story was all about Jessiah and Garrett.

I loved the huge and unexpected decision they made at the end!
Overall a captivating and entertaining read.


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  1. I like lots of different tropes, and don't have an absolute favorite, but I tend to take a second look at wounded heroes, guys in uniform, or those with a handicap of some sort, particularly blindness. Thanks for the review!