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Random Review: Rapid Response by DJ Jamison #Review #Giveaway

Author: DJ Jamison
Title: Rapid Response 
Series: Hearts and Health #8
Publication Date: February 28, 2019
Length: 346 pages 

Reviewed by Jenn


A confused straight guy and a gay hookup artist walk into a bar ...

Firefighter Sean Connolly is straight -- until one impulsive night changes everything. He tries to dismiss it as a fluke, but when a fire rescue leads him back to the guy who blew his mind, he's thrown into a chaos of confusion and want. He gives in to curiosity, exploring a new side to himself -- not just his attraction to a man, but his desperate need to please.

Paramedic Jace Gillespie is a hookup pro, never letting anyone get too close. When he meets Sean, though, he feels a connection right away. An ill-advised threesome seems to kill a friendship in the making, but when they're thrown together by work, it doesn't take long for passion to reignite. Sean calls to something in Jace he never knew was there, and together, they explore a dynamic that fulfills them both.

But as feelings deepen, doubts surface. Sean is in the closet, and Jace struggles to trust his promise that it won't last forever. With family conflict and his career in the balance, Sean finds it difficult to picture his life without secrecy, but if he doesn't find a way, he may lose the one person he most wants to please.

Rapid Response is the longest novel of the Hearts and Health series at approximately 92,000 words! It can be read as a standalone.


I am a fan of this series and was excited for this book! Firefighter Sean Connolly has his entire world rocked when he meets Jace Gillespie one night. Jace and his friend Lena are out having a drink when Sean bumps into Jace. A spilled drink leads to a very strange threesome.

 Sean, who is straight, doesn’t understand why he is way more interested in Jace than the beautiful woman with them. After things become uncomfortable for Sean, he runs. Never expecting to see Jace again, he tries to forget him, forget that whole night. He can’t forget though, and he also sees Jace again.

 These two are thrown together and just like the fires Sean fights, they are combustible. Sean is confused, but worse...he’s afraid. Afraid of how he feels, afraid of being found out. This really tore my heart up, love being something you feel you have to hide. Sean’s being pulled in so many directions and the only place we see the real him is when he’s with Jace.

 I really loved the dynamics between these two men, we know neither really knows what they’re doing, but I love that they know it too. We get to see all the ups and downs, some beautiful and some incredibly ugly. While these men seem confused, one thing they know for sure is that they love each other.

 It’s so nice to see a relationship where both parties work so hard not to hurt each other. They inevitably do get hurt, but even that is done in a way that they grow from. I’m really happy with how this story played out, I could feel how much love was between Jace and Sean. This was a really great addition to a really wonderful series.


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