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Review Tour: Kiss Me, Daddy by Quinn Ward #Review #Giveaway

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Length: 70,000 words approx.


Andy's a recent college graduate with a mountain of debt and a load of regret over earning a degree he'll never use. When he takes a job at a local gay bar, he doesn't expect the first person to catch his eye to be the man he's been dreaming about since a chance encounter.

Joshua's comfortable in his life. He has an amazing son who's wise beyond his years, an ex-wife who's one of his best friends, and a great job. Now, if only those closest to him would quit hounding him to start dating again after the divorce.

Joshua finds what's been missing with the other people he's tried dating the first time Andy slips up and calls him Daddy. What starts as a slip of the tongue could lead to what both men really need and want.


Daddy kink is one of my favorites tropes out there and when I read the blurb for  Kiss Me, Daddy it sounded right up my alley.

Joshua and Andy's first meeting was unique and different giving me hope for the book going forward. I loved the family aspect of the story. Joshua and his ex wife making their family work in their own unique way. Knowing how it looked strange to everyone on the outside never made an ounce of difference because they knew what was best for their son.

But there were a few issues that made this book a struggle to get through.

First, the characters weren’t really well fleshed out for me. I felt like we barely got to know them in a way that  I’d be able to say XYZ about them drew me in. We were shown more than anything who they were.

Second, the Daddy kink…well, there wasn’t much. We know almost right away that Andy likes Daddy kink since he instantly calls Joshua Daddy internally upon meeting him and then a few times after that; even after learning his name. And while the insta-lust connection between them didn’t bother me, it was the lack of fleshed out Daddy kink that was an issue. It  felt like Andy wanted a Daddy in theory only. He pushed back at every caring thing that Joshua tried to do. He doubted and ran from him. And while that was clearly Andy’s insecurities talking, the obstacle that was needed to “get over” in the book, that’s all it felt like to me.

I don’t want to say that it wasn’t real Daddy/boy dynamic because obviously that looks different for every couple BUT for the purpose of this book there was too much telling of that kink and not enough showing. It was overshadowed so much by the insecurities that drove Andy that we missed out on all the care taker parts, the boundaries and rules, the sexy times that come from Daddy kink books that we expect.

Third, the time jumps really had messed me up. That’s where a lot of the telling took away from so much of what I wanted to see and be shown. We never got to see Andy create a bond of friendship with Joshua’s son, but we’re told that they had one, we were told how great Joshua’s ex-wife was with Andy and all the things she did to welcome him but we didn’t get to see it. Too much telling in any way makes it so hard for readers to connect and fall in love with the characters.

The book felt incomplete and like it had just touched the surface of who these two men were alone and together for me to fall into their world and love being there.

Quinn writes LGBTQ romance with a kick. Their stories center around the relationship building between the characters, but also shows how compatible they are in the bedroom (or wherever else the urge strikes).

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