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Series Review: Bodyguard Inc by RJ Scott #Review #Giveaway


I was given the honor to review the first six books in The Bodyguard Series, by RJ Scott. While this review may be a tad longer than my normal reviews, I will try to convey each book with the sheer awesomeness that each story along with characters brought me. 

The first book in this series is Bodyguard To a Sex God.  The title  alone screams hot, but nothing compared to the sinfully hot bodyguard Adam --that is asked to take on a client that just happens to be an American actor. Which to Adam does not sound like the most appealing detailed job. 
Logan is anything but happy knowing that when he lands in the UK, a bodyguard has already been assigned to him. He is an actor, they get letters and that close call with the SUV could have just been that... a close call. Even though secretly, he has been jumpy lately. To Logan, all he wants is to be able to finally come out of the closet and hope that his acting career doesn't take a nose dive. However, when the two meet, lines begin to blur. The real threat becomes love between to different men living in two different countries.

Book 2 in the series is The Ex Factor, which was a little more emotional for me to read. Ben Collins works for BI (Bodyguard Inc) and is one of four  bodyguards that is hired to work on set of what Ben refers to as " the god-awful X Factor rip-off show". A job that he can't wait to leave. The only plus side to it is that he loves the possible 3rd runner up Daniel Lincoln. A mystery man, to him, since Lincoln seems to shy away from everyone including him. But when Daniel can't be found for dress rehearsal, Ben finds him hiding and looking a mess, chalks it up to he fell and must be on something but leaves his card with him. 

Three months after the show had ended, a call comes in, cryptic message but it's for Ben degrading Daniel. What Ben finds changes everything.

Daniel has lived in fear and secrecy for so long he doesn't even know himself anymore. Abusive relationships are hard but it's even harder it seems when it's a man. I feel that  in the eyes of the law they don't see a man as a bantered individual. So Daniel's story showed a lot of those misconceptions. It was beautiful how Ben and Daniel's relationship unfolded.

Book three in the series Max and The Prince, which held both comical as well misguided consequences to their story. Max is anything but what he looks like on the outside. At first glance he can easily pass for as young as 21. He isn't that tall and doesn't really seem all that intimidating. Too bad for the person that misreads Max. Former RAF pilot, ex Air Force and two tours overseas. 

Prince Lucien isn't your typical prince. He has been through so much and actually left to go to University so that nobody knew exactly who he was. However, someone knows he is there. Letters keep coming and so far there has been one death that could be connected. 

Max and Lucien have a battle of the wits when it comes to them personally. The threat comes even closer to them both when it hits another person that goes to the University.

Book four Undercover Lovers, was the story that I personally could not wait for and was beyond excited to finally be able to read it. This story was about the American owner of BI and his PA, Ross. As long as the series has been going no one really knew who Kyle the owner really was. All they knew was that he was an American that had inherited the mansion and started BI and was madly in love with his PA Ross. 

Kyle kept his past right where it belonged... in the past, until he got a phone call from his ex-partner and former military friend. With all his bodyguards on other assignments he has no choice but to take Ross on this assignment and hope he doesn't blow his cover and let his true feelings show.

Ross is super excited to finally leave his desk and play a undercover role with Kyle. The man he has secretly lusted after since he was hired. He never acting on those feelings because he loved his job so much and wouldn't do anything to jeopardize that.

However, going undercover as a married couple pushed them both into uncharted territories. Both afraid to let love slip but unsure how this will affect their working relationship but when their assignment is compromised, priorities shift.

Book five Love Designs, picks up from where book four left off. With the assignment compromised, Stefan is now stuck in the UK until they find out where the leak was in the US. While he is grateful to his old friend Kyle for giving him side work while he is waiting, he longs to get back to his life. Things change for him in the blink of eye while waiting in nasty winter weather one night at a train station. Stefan intervenes in a situation that not only changes his life but the life of three others.

Kirby has had nothing but himself to rely on since he was 16 and kicked out of his family for his sexuality. His past haunts him but he has done more for himself since he was that scared 16 year old kid. That was up until two weeks ago when his younger brother found him. Now he is on the run with two little kids and a brother that he isn't sure if is alive or dead with barely any money. 

Now with the help of a CIA/American Bodyguard they both may find out that family and love mean more than how your past defines you. 

The final book that I read in this series was book 6, Kissing Alex.

Lewis Nevin was nothing but irritated when he was asked to look after a member of some boy band on his month vacation. He knew absolutely nothing of the band or the guy he was to protect but he assumed he would be some rich pampered diva. Against his better judgment and of course the money that would come in handy he took the assignment. 

Alex Cartell was beyond frustrated with the turn of events that was his life. It was okay that he was labeled the only gay man in the group,  as long as he didn't have a sex life. How was he to know that that one hook up was being taped and now somehow he was involved in some plot that could possibly get him killed. Now he was being flown to some remote Island with the biggest turd of a Bodyguard, judgemental much!  Alex absolutely fell in love with the Island. 

Slowly, ever so slowly, all the misconceptions on both sides start to fall away. Soon the two men find a common love not only for the island but for one another. He has so many what if's of what his life will be life after he isn't a target. That is until an ex finds him.


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