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DOUBLE REVIEW: Found At Sea and The Nymph Prince by Jaclyn Osborn #Review #Giveaway

Found At Sea
Tales of Fate #1
Release date: August 24, 2018
Length: 267 pages


Captain Kellan Flynn is cursed. All men fear him, and even more so, they fear what the myths make him out to be. The demon of the sea who sails with no mercy and who won’t hesitate to slit a man’s throat if challenged. But there is more to him, and the curse upon him will someday consume him whole. Unless he finds the key to breaking it.

Fletcher has always dreamed of adventure, of sailing the high seas. But he’s never even left his town of Helmfirth. He spends his days atop his favorite hill overlooking the sea and strumming his lute, wishing for another life. He spends his nights working in the tavern, listening to sailors weave tales of adventure he yearns to experience for himself. That is, until pirates make port and enter the tavern one night.

After being press-ganged to join the crew, Fletcher is both afraid and intrigued by what awaits him aboard the Crimson Night. And it is aboard this legendary ship that he finds something he never expected to find: a pirate captain who awakes desires he’s never felt.

Captain Flynn is captivated by the auburn haired beauty, but he doesn’t want his wickedness to taint someone as innocent and pure as Fletcher. Fletcher knows the captain is dangerous, and yet he can’t stay away.

Life on the sea puts every man to the test, and with time running out, sacrifices have to be made. Can two men who are so different ever find their happily ever after?

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The Nymph Prince 
Tales of Fate #2
Release Date: February 27, 2019
Length: 434 pages


Spoiled, arrogant, and reckless. It's a miracle Lorcan had survived so long. As a nymph, he was rare. As crowned prince and the son of a god? He was a treasure unlike any other. That never stopped him from putting himself in danger and fighting against his duties by leaving the golden palace beneath the sea, though. In search of him. A pirate who'd long since captured his attention. Possibly his heart.

Alek didn't choose his life of secrecy and pain. Magic was considered a great evil and anyone found with mage blood was killed. Abandoned after his town was destroyed, he was left alone and starving in the streets. Until the captain of a legendary pirate ship found him and gave him not only a purpose in his life, but also a home. That home was gone now.

When Lorcan finds Alek, wounded and breathing his final breaths after a sea battle, he does the only thing he can: carries the pirate away from the destruction and stays with him so he doesn't die alone. But Lorcan soon realizes that the pirate was more powerful than he ever imagined. Even for a mage.

With both men on the run from bounty hunters and rogues of the sea, the two journey to Lorcan's underwater kingdom. Beneath the waves, their strong connection grows even stronger and their lust intensifies. Alek finds the nymph to be sarcastic and spoiled, and Lorcan finds the mage to be secretive and stubborn, yet their hearts have never felt more whole. Just as they're tearing down the wall between them, the reveal of a dark destiny threatens to rip them apart. A war is coming and decisions—and sacrifices—must be made.
Can two souls brought together by fate weather the storm?

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Jaclyn Osborn is one of my absolute favorite authors. Her story telling has brought me to my knees with tears of heartache, has brought me joy with humor, and has giving me hope with undying love.  Now with these two books she was able to bring me into the world of myths, legends and a bit of fantasy. 

Found at Sea, tells of a tale of a brutally awful and cursed Pirate Captain with one brown eye and one blue. Through, many drunken sailors the tales only grow more and more. Where patrons really didn't know which stories were truly real and which were just tales past down.

Fletcher has heard so many tales of pirates, mermen, mermaids, of a beautiful castle that is under the sea. He loves the tales and is easily amused at the drunken sailors who believe in what they say. He was orphaned young, lived on the streets and was lucky to be found and given a room at the tavern with work.

Fletcher's life changed in one day! He finally took upon himself, and then ran off. Leaving the only home he ever knew to be found by that Private Captain with one brown eye and one blue named Kellan.

Captain Kellan knew of the tales and although some were untrue most were not. He put fear in everyone even his crew members minus Fletcher. That boy had no problems with questioning his authority and asking an abundance of questions. 

Fletcher's eyes became more open and the tales were no longer tales and the Captain was more than what anyone knew. 

Their love was undeniable but that curse that was put on Kellan was heartbreaking. However, Fletcher showed him that love was a gift no matter the time.  This story was so magical and I loved it being about a pirate.

The Nymph Prince, was more on the legendary side. Alek was found by Captain Kellan as a kid and was saved. No one but the captain truly knew what he was. Alek and Fletcher have become very close and when the attack  happened he begged to be killed. That had broke my heart when it happened but when I read that arms had surrounded him, I was hopeful that there was more to his story. I was definitely excited when Alek got his book.

Alek's character was a little more complicated for me. I was unsure what exactly a mage was. So I was thrilled to learn more about him in this book. 

Lorcan was absolutely incredible. What a magnificent character he was. A stunning beautiful merman and nymph the last of his kind. The love and devotion he had towards Alek was overpowering. 

Those two faced so much turmoil at times it broke my heart. Their love was so strong. Those two were able to fight against the odds together. Alek's journey was a dark one Lorcan's gift sometimes left him feeling anguish over the things that were to come and not quite knowing how or when or even if he could somehow stop them.

These two books books are an absolute must to read.

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