Thursday, March 22, 2018

Random Review: The Wolf's Man Friday by Julia Talbot #Review #Giveaway

Author: Julia Talbot
Title: The Wolf's Man Friday
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Christine Griffin
Publication Date: March 20, 2018
Length: 220 pages

Reviewed by Truus


The last thing Sebastian Zeller wants is to be pack Alpha. But when the pack leader, his uncle Ron, is attacked, he has no choice but to leave his beloved Colorado mountains and fulfill his duty as Ron’s heir—at least until his uncle recovers. In the meantime, he intends to lure the attacker out… and make them pay.

When Ron gets wind of Sebastian’s plan to catch the attacker, he doesn’t like the idea of risking his heir. That’s where Jaxon Reedis comes in—he’ll balance protecting the dark and sexy werewolf with pretending to be his personal assistant. He’s walking a fine line that requires all his foxy wit and craftiness… and that’s on top of the inescapable feeling that he and Sebastian are meant for each other. When the attacker returns, will they be able to maintain their deepening bond when danger threatens to tear down everything they’re building?

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I never read a shifter story like this one before, it surprised me with the diverse shifters.

Sebastian is an almost alpha wolf. His uncle Ron, leader of the pack, wants him to be the alpha. Sebastian wants to be the designer he is and nothing else, he doesn't prefer being alpha; and he has to find a way to convince his uncle he is not the one.

Ron has been attacked and Seb wants to find the traitor by himself, only Ron wants someone to look out for Seb so he finds Jaxon.

Jaxon is a lonely fox and will be working as a bodyguard, to take care of Seb... under the guise of his PA. Who knew that this wolf and fox would fit so naturally?

While Jax is taking Seb to “Seb's best place on earth,” the attackers are giving us some fearful moments...There is a surprising story involving these attackers.

It was a sort of playful read. All those wonderful shifters, especially Sebastian and his little red fox, I wanted to howl from all the pleasure.

I loved all the talk about scent, I loved the patting, the wagging, the fur, the bonding, it was all adorable.

The bond between the fox and the wolf is strong, the sex, sizzling steamy and great to watch. 
A tiny note... I couldn't always figure out from who the talking or thinking.
The story was fantastically written and was full of unconditional love. With all the frisk and frivolity it was a wonderful fun experience.


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