Sunday, February 7, 2016

Book of the Week: Dom on the Side by Kate Aaron #Review

Author: Kate Aaron
Dom on the Side (Blowing It Book 3)
Publication date: January 24, 2016
Length: 301 pages


“I’d love to Dom you one day. You’d be a natural.”

When a one-night stand makes Ryan Jessop a casual offer to introduce him to BDSM, he’s torn between denial of his submissive fantasies and their irresistible pull. Taking a chance, he discovers in Jim a skilled Dominant, and under his guidance, Ryan’s submission blossoms. Unfortunately, guidance is all Jim can offer. The one thing Ryan wants most—a loving Dom to whom he exclusively belongs—is off the table.

Sameer Farouk is the right guy at the wrong time, and as far as Ryan can tell, not kinky. No matter how clearly Ryan can foresee a future with Sameer, he refuses to settle for less than total compatibility, both in and out of the bedroom. Despite their obvious connection, breaking up is the right thing to do, even if it breaks Ryan’s heart.

Torn between them, Ryan must decide if he's prepared to gamble everything on one man, or if he'd be better off with a vanilla boyfriend and a Dom on the side.

*Dom on the Side is the third book in the Blowing It universe, but can be read as a standalone.


It's writers like Kate Aaron that really raise the bar for authors everywhere. Seriously, each book she writes is not only perfectly researched but she manages to weave with in the facts a story so beautiful you swear you're watching a movie, dreaming a wonderful dream, or in a blissful reality.

Dom on the Side is a BDSM book but it's so much more than that. It's not like any BDSM book I've ever read. Ryan is realizing something monumental about himself and through him, we experience amazing things. This IS Ryan Jessop's story. This is the story of a man not only exploring a side of himself he questioned deeply, but a story of a man realizing his own reality. His needs and wants, and finding someone who will embrace this path with him.

It says it's book 3 in Kate's Blowing It series, but it's a prequel so if you wanted, you could read this first and then 1 and 2... Come on, if George Lucas can do it to Star Wars, Kate can do it here.

But, in all seriousness. Kate brings BDSM into a new light in this book. There are so many facets to this lifestyle and I absolutely LOVED how she didn't shy away from all the different kinks out there and made us (because humans are very judgmental) understand what we did not.

I thoroughly adored this story. Big applause for Kate Aaron! This is a must read.

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