Thursday, June 11, 2020

Random Review: GE-MI Part Two by Mell Eight #Review #Giveaway

Title: GE-MI Part Two
Series: GE-MI
Author: Mell Eight 
Publisher: NineStar Press 
Publication Date: May 18, 2020
Length: 28,600

Reviewed by Sammy


Taylor Reyes was born to privilege, but despite that has always been considered an abomination. He was the child that should never have been born and has spent his life trying to prove his worth to the world to no avail. As a red wolf Ge-Mi, humans look at his furry ears before his accomplishments, and no matter how hard he continues to work Taylor knows that will never change. Still, he has a grandfather that loves him and a pack of his own to lead. The life he created for himself is not a bad one, until one day a pair of adorable cat ears derails everything.

The thought of finding a mate had never crossed Taylor’s mind, but suddenly he can’t stop thinking about Nevada. There’s no time for the distraction, though, as people are moving to unseat his grandfather from the city’s throne. The fight has just begun, but ending it might mean Taylor will lose Nevada forever.

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Before I begin a quick recap please know that you should read Ge-Mi Part One first or this post will contain spoilers and information that makes little sense to you.

Taylor may be a Ge-Mi (genetically mutated human—in this case crossed with a wolf) but he is still heir to the city’s throne which his grandfather currently holds with his support. Taylor has been preparing for the succession all his life and while seeing his grandfather reign forever would give him great pleasure he takes his role as next in line very seriously. He’s also decided his new relationship with Nevada (also a Ge-Mi) is just about as important. Still while the coup that had threatened to rip apart the Reyes dynasty might have failed—saving Taylor from the viscous jaws of the hyenas who jumped him--it still lurks in the shadows. Now it’s up to Taylor to discover just who is behind the plot to take the throne and kill not only his grandfather but himself as well.

When we last left Taylor and Nevada in part one, the two had just become close. That relationship blossoms in this next story with the two finding comfort in being together. But there is real danger stalking both of them—it begins with the death of the known power that brought the hyena pack into the city to attack and kill Taylor—a plot that was squelched by the quick thinking and actions of Nevada who showed just how fierce a kitty he can be. Now the race is on to discover just who is the real threat to Taylor and his grandfather.

With multiple twists and turns, a bit of sweet yet fade to black romancing and some clever plot manipulation author Mell Eight delvers up a great story in the novella Ge-Mi Part Two. There are many thing to like in this segment. The relationship between Taylor and Nevada is lovely to read about and, in my opinion, doesn’t suffer in the least despite there being no actual on-page scenes of sexual intimacy. The taut suspense and action moments that are interspersed throughout keep the reader on the alert at all times just waiting for the next trap to be sprung. And the revelation of two new characters that play an integral part in bringing down the usurper/murderer are a neat twist that flips the story on its head.

I think my only reservation with the novella is the fact that the ending is just done up a tad too neatly. The way it played out meant that there had to be quite a few people involved in the plot to overthrow the government and there is a hint that things are not over which comes before all the obvious members of the coup are either captured or killed. Perhaps that means there will be a part three although no indication is given that there may be. I certainly would love to read more about this fascinating world, particularly if it means seeing more of Taylor and Nevada.


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  1. I tried to Tweet about the giveaway but the Twitter link doesn't work for me.

    Thanks for the chance at a great prize!

    Offta re-read Ge-Mi Part 1 and then dive into Ge-Mi Part 2! Have been looking forward to this for a looooong time! ;)


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