Thursday, June 4, 2020

Interview Fun With: Michelle Slagan

In this next Interview Fun we have Michelle Slagan. She's the owner of Vibrant Promotions, and a PA. In this community she helps authors promote their work and get the word out on their books. She also reviews and is quite involved in the genre. Her Party Room on Facebook is always bopping. So, it's wonderful to have her here today. We have a fun interview and information on how you can get in touch with her. Enjoy!


1.       What is a nickname your parents used to call you?  Shelly-Belly (I bet you can guess why – hahahahha.  I hated wearing clothes)

2.       On a scale from 1-10 (1 being bad 10 being amazing) how good of a driver are you? I’m a Jersey driver soooooo I think I’m a 10 but others would say 1

3.       Who was your very first celebrity crush?  Tom Cruise (Top Gun)

4.       Favorite US city besides the one you live in?  Philadelphia

5.       Do you snore? Not sure – I don’t hear myself

6.       If you had three wishes (you can’t ask for more wishes) what would they be right now?
Ø  That ALL people were treated equally with kindness and love
Ø  Health and happiness for my family and friends
Ø  For online schooling to end *head desk* 

7.       What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Cookie Dough

8.       Cake or pie? CAKE

9.       If you had to choose would you want to go back in time or into the future?  Back in time

10.   Facial hair on a guy or clean shaven? Some scruff is YUMMY

How to find Michelle

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