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Blog Tour: Surviving The Merge by C.P. Harris #Review #Excerpt #Giveaway

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Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway:
Surviving the Merge by C.P. Harris

Surviving the Merge Cover

Chadwick, Book 1

My name is Justin, and when I was seventeen, I fell in love with a boy named Damon.

Damon was sick, only I didn’t know it at the time. And like any disease left untreated, it festered and burrowed into the unaffected areas of us, until we were both so far from healthy, we were killing one another. Then a tragedy sparked our implosion.

With nothing of us remaining to salvage, I was left to pick up the pieces, while Damon found his escape in the abyss. Leaving me alone with Blake. 

Damon and Blake are two halves of a whole. But Damon is the coldest part of darkness, and Blake the warmest part of light.

I love Blake with a ferocious intensity akin to the peeling back of skin. But Blake isn’t Damon. And Damon was gone—until now.

What once threatened to tear us apart has become our catharsis.

Outnumbered in the relationship with the man who was my life, I’ve begun to learn more about love than I ever thought possible.

An M/M romance and book one in the Chadwick trilogy.
Can be read as a standalone, but reading in order is recommended as the characters make appearances in all three books. Surviving the Merge contains explicit sex and graphic language. 

 Author’s note: For those that appreciate warnings, please use the “look inside” feature to find them within the first several pages. Warnings & reader advisory: Surviving the Merge is an M/M romance with adult and, at times, dark themes. It is intended for mature readers. Possible triggering content includes mental illness, rape (off page), codependency, and dubious consent. Surviving the Merge does not contain cheating.

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OMG, I don’t know where to begin, there is so much to tell.
Overwhelming it was, absolutely overwhelming.
It’s kind of tricky reviewing without giving too much away. I’ll try my very best!

Before I dive into the content I want to explain the whole story in a few lines before you misunderstand what I’m really talking about.

This story is about love, about healing, about mental illness caused by surviving an awful life and trying to protect, it’s about sacrifices, deep therapeutic sessions, sexual needs, and compassion. It’s about returning to the very naked core.
Above all, it’s about unconditional love and dedication.

There is a life before-and-after... and while reading you’ll understand this can be about more than one case.

“My name is Justin. When I was seventeen, I fell in love with a boy named Damon.”

Justin’s and his husband their lives were going sort of steady for the last five years, until four months ago.

“I’d left the comforts of heaven to willingly lay in the arms of the devil.”

Justin has a hunger in him, only one person can satisfy and Blake can’t provide that. But Blake fulfills other needs Damon can’t provide.

Justin’s life is small, working as Ballet Master at The OBH—The Oregon Ballet House, satisfies him but he has no friends, no life outside his marriage.
He wants to spread his wings or maybe understand why and how life works for him.

“In order to get through, you first need to go through.”

There are hurtful fights, the mental and physical ones. The blood dripping had, for me, two functions, clean a wound or it has to flow to let go.
There are beautiful sensual and sensitive moments where it looks like everything will be okay, who knew the road is a long one.

The awareness of triggering minds was palpable. Justin’s pleas are heartfelt. The story was ingenious, at some point I wondered who manipulated who.
Awesomely done to make me question again and again.

There is Dr. Julie, their therapist, my goodness what a fierce woman. Deep bow.
Let’s not forget the beautiful friends who surrounded them. I want to point out that besides the main storyline there are just as important secondary stories.

This story was amazing, captivating, and intriguingly written. It’s almost impossible to resume. It was kind of a dark story, with heavy content, we’re talking here about surviving by coping, more learning to cope. There are forceful moments with dubious consensus, many conflicts, and inner turmoil.
The title is everything and when I truly understood, I cried hard.
Humor and witty attitudes completed the characters. So many beautiful moments. At times, so dark, and sexy af.
The whole healing process was breathtaking, I cried ugly tears.
A story with the most beautiful determined characters, I loved EVERY part of them. So much honesty, so many real feelings. It was all overwhelmingly beautiful!

A must-read, my review can’t even approximate what it’s all about. Read it yourself!

A debut novel and for me, it deserves already a 5+++ star status!

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Blog Tour Excerpt:

Now Friday afternoon, I found myself tumbling to the ground inside the front entryway after a wild animal crashed into me when I opened the door. Its brown mane blocked my vision, and its snarl wreaked havoc on my hearing.

“Ow, what are you doing?” I could tell this was serious to her, but I couldn’t control my laughter. Sam was even cuter when angry.

“I’ve got a bone to pick with you, Mister.”

I loved it when she called me Mistah.

“I can’t believe you told him things before me?”

“Sam, you know more about me than he does.” We were speaking of Max. During our phone call, I’d filled Sam in on every square inch of my return to Chadwick.

“Yeah, but he knew things that I didn’t. Important things!”

“Like what?”

“Like about your dad. And why you moved here. And... and more.” Her bottom lip poked out in the most adorable way. I fought back a smile, but she suspected one lurked and punched me in the shoulder before rolling off me and stomping to the kitchen. I got up to follow.

“Sam, you’re my first friend—”

“Your only friend—”

“My first best friend—”

“Your only best friend—”


“Fine!” She whirled around, jabbing her finger against my chest. “But he only gets to have you Monday through Friday. As your only best friend, I recognize that you need someone when I’m not there. As soon as the weekend rolls around, you’re mine, Buddy.”

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About C.P.:

C.P. Harris resides in the city that never sleeps, although for her it's lights-out by ten. She grudgingly dedicates her nine-to-five time slots to the finance world, but her most important role is mother to teenage twins. Her hobbies include, traveling, boxing, reading, writing--and more reading. And... more writing. She's always had dreams of being a writer and after waking up from the most disturbing but romantic dream one April morning, she ran out and bought a laptop and hasn't looked back. Romance is where her heart is, but she has plans to spread her wings across genres.



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