Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Random Review: Making Rules by Susan Hawke #Review #Giveaway

Title: Making Rules
Series: Davey's Rules #6
Author: Susan Hawke 
Publication Date: February 20, 2020
Length: 64 pages

Reviewed by Truus


Davey’s Rule #53: Daddy shouldn’t be afraid to let his boy top.

Before Davey came to work at Daddy’s Lap and began that crazy list of rules, his future bestie, Sammy, was already living happily ever after with his own Daddy-dom. From the moment they met over a gas pump to the day they were legally able to wed, leather Daddy Raphael Robustelli adored his linebacker-sized boy. This is their love story, as seen through a series of six short vignettes. Witness the moment they met, see the first time Davey came to the club, and so much more. This is a short 20k volume, filled with emotion and backstory for the entire series.

NOTE: This is not a full-length book and does not contain a new couple. This can be read as a standalone but will be most enjoyed by those who have read the series.


When I had the moment where what I was  reading got so emotional I had to stop reading  :(  for a while.
Of course, Raphael and Sammy omg, what was I thinking, I felt so stupid for a moment.
Both so precious, it was a lot of awesomeness to read about the phases of their life. I loved them so much. The moment Davey got introduced ahhh so lovely.
Their love for nephew Jeffrey was unconditional. Patience was the keyword, patience to finally embrace him in their home.

“You'd better be able to feel it because every heartbeat says your name. Sam-my. Sam-my. Sam-my.”

The Daddy/Boy dynamic was exactly what I wished for. I was so so happy with this installment.
It filled the gaps for me, events around these men, so precious, it made me shaky. When I finished this story I cried and cried and couldn’t stop.

Like all the other stories from this series, it was with a clear vision, fast-paced, emotional, funny and steamy. All the ingredients for an entertaining read.
When you know this series and their characters, you’ll understand how precious this one is. The whole story is written with a writing style I highly appreciate.

This can be read as a standalone but will be most enjoyed by those who have read the series.
Don’t hesitate, do it!


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