Friday, March 20, 2020

Featured Guest: Kel Ex ~ Guest Post and a Free Book!

Diverse Reader is so happy to have Kel Ex here today! And what an amazing visit this is! Not only is there a wonderful guest post but a free book for all of you through prolific works! So, check it all out to the very end!!!

So, I signed up for this spot a few weeks ago and given the current situation, I TOTALLY forgot. I’ve been doing a lot of that lately. I sat here, staring at the screen, wondering WTF do I write? Everyone is absolutely exhausted mentally and physically, and no one wants to hear about that thing that shall not be named. But it is the elephant in every room in most of the world, so to blatantly ignore it seems almost impossible, too.

Right now, I think a lot of us are appreciating how much artists, creators, authors, musicians, and entertainers provide for the soul. When the world’s on fire, we need moments where we can forget our troubles and get lost in another world, another time, another… well, anything.

I know I’ve spent many hours over the last couple of weeks trying to decompress with a juicy book, a great album, or a virtual tour of Louvre (… and lots of crocheting.) I bet many of you have, too.

Escape is what we romance authors attempt to provide — whether it’s fluffy romances, erotic tingles, soul-wrenching dramas, or just some silly fun. Escape is what every reader is searching for when they turn to the first page.

Especially now.

I’ve been dealing in escape since 2009. While my muse is a bit under the weather right now and I’ve slowed down a bit, I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I’m working on the second book in my Daddy Tales series, His Stepdad Wears Leather (MM, Gay Romance, Daddy-Kink) and hope to have it out very soon!

Since times are tough and some folks are worried about how they’ll pay for the essentials, I’m offering the first book in this series for free through the weekend. Grab a copy of His Stepson Wears Lace and escape into the world of Jereme and Anson.

Stay safe and well!
Wash your hands, too…

Grab His Stepson Wears Lace on Prolific Works here:

And if you’re seeing this past the weekend, it’s also available on KU:


Author Bio

International bestselling gay erotica/erotic romance author Kelex lives in Hampton Roads with her twenty-something slacker kidult and two semi-loveable masses of fur who are often found snarling at the mailman or UPS driver—or pooping on the brand-new carpet.

When not being a pain in her daughter’s ass, a gardening goddess, the baker of bread, the master of cake disaster, or the drinker of alllllll the coffee decaf green tea, she writes under various pen names all over the erotica and erotic romance genre map.


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  1. Think this is one of the few I haven't gotten yet. Haven't been reading you long... found you in searching for mpreg stuff, which I get a total kick out of! Thanks for writing!!

    1. Hi Amilyn! Glad you found me one way or another. I LOVE writing mpreg. It's my happy place -- but every once in a while, I need to shift gears and do something else. Happy reading!