Saturday, March 14, 2020

New Release Review: Work-Love Balance by Allison Temple #Review #Giveaway

Title: Work-Love Balance
Series: Out & About #1
Author: Allison Temple
Self Published
Publication Date: March 9, 2020
Length: 244 pages 

Reviewed by Truus


The customer always comes first, but IT consultant Brady Jansen loves to hate Nash O’Hara. Except the fine line between hate and attraction means sometimes Brady can’t help it when he crosses the boundary from professional and personal.

Recently divorced, workaholic Nash knows he’s hard to please. When the smart-mouthed IT consultant he depends on to keep his office running offers a no-commitment hook up, it seems like exactly what he and Brady both need to get through a busy summer at work. No one has to know about their arrangement.

But the more time they spend together, the more secrets they have to keep from the people around them, and from each other. The lies are piling up, until it’s hard to tell who’s fooling who. If Brady and Nash want to find the balance between work and love, a little honesty will go a long way.


I was swooned by this story and adored it. It had all the feelings a good balanced, emotional romance must have.
This story is told by both men's different views and I loved them hard.
Snarky comments, rude, witty, funny, sweet, you name it and it’s here.

Brady Jansen has an IT company and one of his clients is Nash O’Hara of the company Out & About. There is always something going on there with their network, laptops, mobiles.

Nash yells and is demanding of Brady and Brady serves it up with a snarky attitude and a smile.
In all this commotion Nash kisses Brady hard to shut snarkiness up. Dang, that’s the start of a sexual relationship. The age-gap doubts in Nash’s head are all banged out of his brain in a blink.

It’s just hooking up, not dating, no expectations. Both don’t want anything serious. Just now and then and only for the sex. Just to escape their busy lives and enjoy each other.
But they fit so well and spend more and more time together. It all feels so honest and natural.

Nash's two kids live most of the time with his ex, Dominic. When he claims Nash's time and pressures him about his failure towards his children Nash has to make a heartbreaking decision.

Both Nash and Brady are lovable guys, Nash is chaotic and after his divorce, also feeling confused, guilty, and lonely. Brady has a big caring heart, in the bedroom is quite the dominant one. There are some delicious encounters to enjoy. Both men were vulnerable and endearing.

This whole story breathes love and compassion. Nash and Brady connect wonderfully.
The side stories as both their companies and families are greatly entwined in this story.
At times it was so funny I snorted hard. There were hot af and heartbreaking moments.
All inner dialogue and struggle were honest, with purpose and best intention.
A smoothly written, captivating, well developed, very lovable story which I surely want to recommend!


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