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New Release Review: Cancer Ships Aquarius by Anyta Sunday #Review #Giveaway

Title: Cancer Ships Aquarius
Author: Anyta Sunday
Series: Signs of Love #5(Standalone) 
Self Published
Publication Date: February 17, 2020
Length: 282 pages 

Reviewed by Sammy


Prepare to dip your toe into the biggest adventure of your life, Cancer. There’s romance in the air, and it smells deliciously salty.

Dumped by the fifth girl in two years and abandoned by his best friends, Reid Glover is alone and in need of a home.
Desperate, he interviews to become a live-in manny aboard widowed Sullivan Bell’s yacht, the Aquarian.
The job? Not to look after thirteen-year-old Joanna. No, this child-mastermind needs Reid to befriend her dad, urge him to participate more in family life, encourage him to date, oh, and become his closest confidant and help him unleash his bottled emotions.
No pressure.
At least he’s not entirely out of his depth.
Okay, so he may have a slight aversion to the ocean. And possibly attract more than his fair share of misadventure.
But he is a pro at crying.
Watch out, Sullivan. Reid is on his way with a family-sized carton of tissues. He will help Sullivan through his fears. Will help him find love again.
Will absolutely not fall for him in the process . . .

Caution, Cancer, how long will you fool yourself?

~ ~ ~

Cancer Ships Aquarius (Signs of Love #5) is an MM opposites-attract romantic comedy featuring a misadventure prone manny and a blunt widower.
More wit, banter and bad puns - and even more heart-stopping slow burn!
Can be read as a standalone.

Tropes: slow burn, will-they-or-won’t-they, opposites attract, 10 year age gap, manny loves widow,
Genre: New Adult, light-hearted contemporary gay romance


Reid wears his heart on his sleeve and is not ashamed to admit it. Being a manny is wonderful but constantly being dumped by girl after girl because he is not manly enough or aggressive enough is one hit too hard. After being kicked out by his ex, Reid is not only homeless but jobless as well and will take just about anything—even a job on a ship—a ship that terrifies him with an emotionally clenched man and his teenaged daughter who simply wants Reid to crack open her dad’s heart and help him blossom again. Reid is up for the challenge—but helping a widower get over his grief while trying to live up to the resume he may have fudged just a bit in order to get the job is a pretty big task. Thankfully he is ready for battle—he’s just not sure that losing his own heart in the process was ever part of the plan.

Sullivan loves his daughter but the grief over losing the man he loved with his whole heart is sometimes just too big to bear. When the sarcastic yet woefully under skilled manny shows up Sullivan refuses to be taken in—not by some cute little man who is begging for someone to watch over him and take care of him. Nope, Sullivan can’t do it…he won’t risk his heart again—it’s just too painful but he isn’t sure how much longer he has before the manny wears him down and makes him fall in love all over again.

I am just going to go right ahead and gush over this story. Cancer Ships Aquarius by Anyta Sunday is just brilliantly funny and winsome and oh so romantic. I adore Reid—from his purple hair to his clutched life preserver, the young man is a bundle of joy and nerves and snark and all the things that make a character so very appealing. I was captivated by him. His growing relationship with Sullivan was just so perfectly written. Honestly between the two of them dancing around their attraction and the pain still lodged deep in Sullivan’s heart it was all I could do not to devour this book in one setting—I did it in two.

The dialogue was clever. The situations that Reid often found himself in and or fell into due to his own exuberance were hysterical and the way in which Sullivan slowly let down his guard and let go of his grief was just gorgeous. This was almost a courtship type relationship with Reid slowly bringing Sullivan back to the land of the living while steadily discovering the one person who he knew he truly loved-who was his home. I enjoyed how Reid didn’t just give up when Sullivan threw up obstacle after obstacle to keep them apart—he fought for his happiness and that made this novel stand out as different from most love stories for me.

Cancer Ships Aquarius is a gorgeous hurt/comfort story about second chances. I loved very moment and highly recommend it to you.


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