Monday, December 16, 2019

Featured Guest: SJ York~ Holidays, Romance, LGB & Trans

Diverse Reader is so incredibly happy to have SJ York here with us today. This guest post is so important and the awareness is vital! Please be sure to check the entire post out and be giving for the holidays.

Holidays, Romance, LGB & Trans by SJ York

The holidays are a great time to see friends and family, enjoy age-old traditions, experience childhood, and have a great time reliving the past. For some trans people, holidays may not be a wonderful time. Family shuns those in the LGBT community, leaving them alone when they should be celebrating. But like most outcasts, trans people make their own families.

The writing community has been the space to be me. Though I didn’t come out for a while because of fears of discrimination and the lack of acceptance trans people face, I was allowed to be weird in the writing world. Though the road has not been smooth or full of fluffy bunnies, there are some great people in the MM writing community who have been wonderful. I’m blessed to have my tribe and know they have my back.

Unfortunately, many in the trans community face outright hostility. People they knew before they transitioned don’t even say hello to them when they meet on the street or at conferences. They are shunned because they are showing the world who they are. Transitioning has nothing to do with anyone other than the person transitioning, however many take it upon themselves to punish the person transitioning by creating lies about them, gossiping, trashing, and otherwise making their lives hell. That’s why it so important during the holidays to remember transgender folk are people too. They aren’t transitioning for any reason other than to be true to themselves. If you have a little extra, give some to a great trans organization like the National Center for Transgender Equality, or the Transgender Law Center. There is also The Trevor Project. And if all you can do is share information about these great organizations, then share wide and far. Thank you, SJ York

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