Friday, December 13, 2019

New Release Review: FInding Yuletide Karol by L.A. Merrill #Review #Giveaway

Title: Finding Yuletide Karol
Author: L.A. Merrill
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publication date: December 1, 2019
Length: 43 pages

Reviewed by Truus


Fifty years ago, during the Vietnam War, Lee Elbridge fell in love with an Army cook nicknamed Yuletide Karol, but they haven’t seen each other since.

Now, led by a clue in an old cookbook, Lee sets off on a road trip to find his lost love. He arrives on Karol's upstate New York farm to find preparations for a handfasting in full swing, and is mistaken for the wedding planner’s assistant. As Lee is roped into folding hemp napkin goats and mashing fresh sweet potatoes, he is welcomed by Karol's large, eccentric family of witches and pagans. When Lee and Karol finally get a moment alone, Lee tells him the truth, but it will take more than a little Yuletide magick to bring them together again after almost a lifetime.


This is my absolute favorite Christmas story this year. Between all the other beautiful stories I read, between all those lovely long or short beauties, all those wonderful stories about love, sexiness, and steamy hotness, beautiful personalities, I loved them all, but this? This is a gem.
I didn’t expect it, but it is, period!

It’s about love, yeah, I can hear you thinking... of course it’s about love.
But not just love, it’s about long-lost love. One precious love. A love where the magical forces of the universe are working, where tectonics are moving.

“My brown-eyed boy”

During the Vietnam war fifty years ago, Lee met and fell in love with nicknamed army cook Yuletide Karol. They made a promise. Only, they never saw each other again. Lee never found Karol again.
Now fifty years later Lee gets a gift, a cooking book made by a man named Karol.
The end of the searching seems near. Lee takes his car and drives and drives.

From the moment he steps over the threshold it seems as if the universe is doing its magic.

I know I’m a crybaby but oh my goodness I couldn’t stop, I’m writing my review with blurry eyes. What a wonderful precious story. I was deeply impressed!
I can tell a lot more, but I won’t. Just read it!


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