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Random Review: Anhaga by Lisa Henry #Review #Giveaway

Title: Anhaga
Author: Lisa Henry
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Tiferet Design
Publication Date: July 23, 2019
Length: 220 pages

Reviewed by Sammy


Aramin Decourcey—Min to his few friends—might be the best thief in Amberwich, and he might have a secret that helps him survive the cutthroat world of aristocratic families and their powerful magic users, but he does have one weakness: his affection for his adopted nephew, Harry.

When the formidable Sabadine family curses Harry, Min must accept a suicide mission to save his life: retrieve Kazimir Stone, a low-level Sabadine hedgewitch who refuses to come home after completing his apprenticeship… and who is in Anhaga, a seaside village under the control of the terrifying Hidden Lord of the fae. If that wasn’t enough, Kaz is far from the simple hedgewitch he seems.

With the Sabadines on one side and the fae on the other, Min doesn’t have time to deal with a crisis of conscience—or the growing attraction between him and Kaz. He needs to get Kaz back to Amberwich and get Harry’s curse lifted before it kills him. Saving Harry means handing Kaz over to his ruthless family. Saving Kaz means letting Harry die. Min might pride himself on his cleverness, but he can’t see his way out of this one.

The Hidden Lord might see that he never gets the choice.

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Aramin Decourcey (Min) may be many things but a gentleman he is definitely not. He is a thief, the son of a whore and, unbeknownst to any, a bit tenderhearted, but he ides it all under a sarcastic wit and a  slightly fatalistic attitude. So when the boy he rescued many years before, Harry,  gets caught with the daughter of a wealthy man, Edward Sabadine, Min must rescue him. Unfortunately Harry has already been cursed by Sabadine’s sorcerer and the price for lifting the deadly curse is the retrieval of his grandson, Kazamir. It will not an easy task as there is a deadline they must beat in order to keep Harry from dying of the curse but one that Min takes on willingly—until he hears where the boy is kept—Anhaga. A cursed land, supposedly in the thrall of the Hidden Lord who is the King of the bloodthirsty Fae, Min must travel there to retrieve Kazamir and return him to his rightful home.

Kazamir had been sent there as a young boy to apprentice under a hedgewitch and become the same. This type of witch was known for helping the farmer have abundant crops and for their healing ways. Kaz should have been brought home after a few years but it seems the witch who was teaching him refused to allow him to go. But not all is as it seems for Kaz is not some simple hedgewitch nor are the intentions of his grandfather at all good. There is a dark secret Min is about to discover and attempting to figure out who he can trust while trying to save Harry’s life is just the beginning of his worries.

Please forgive my incredibly simplistic rehash of the brilliant novel Anhaga by Lisa Henry. Set in an incredibly imaginative world of the author’s making, the amazing setting, cast of characters and thrilling storyline combine to give the fantasy/paranormal world an amazing new addition to its library. I loved this novel—finished it in one sitting because I simply could not put it down. My heart bled for poor Kaz—wanted by no one, hunted by many and trapped in a life that he didn’t even realize was no life at all until Min burst into it and set it upside down.

While Kaz tried to accept his fate—one that would probably leave him chained in iron to subdue his powers and married to an uncle he had never met and who despised him, the young man just wanted to be left in the humble home he had virtually been raised in. But while Min tried not to feel bad that he would be consigning this na├»ve man to a certain torturous existence, he also knew that he must save Harry—that must be his priority—even though Kaz did something to his heart that no one had ever managed to do before. Kaz made Min care—dare I say—love.

Anhaga is a fantastic story—I just don’t have enough superlatives to really describe how much I was affected by this romance/adventure/fantasy novel. With fae, sorcerers, witches and more, the amazing world Lisa Henry creates is absolutely enthralling. There is nonstop action, humor, a tiny bit of very satisfying romance and an ending that will have you holding your breath until it’s all over. Anhaga deserves all the stars and I highly recommend it to you


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