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GRL Spotlight: Elle Keaton

GayRomLit or as some refer to it as GRL truly is the must-attend event for people who create and celebrate LGBT romance. For those who are unfamiliar with what GRL is I can try and summarize it. Every year in October (this year it’s the 17th to the 20th with pre-events on the 16th) the LGBT community consisting of authors, narrators, readers, and professionals gather to share in their love of LGBT romance. There are signings, author lounges, many events, spotlights, it really is hours of fun.
The location changes every year and on the opening night of each year the spot for the next year  is announced. During this time at GRL there are two signings. One for Registered Authors and one for Featured Authors.
At these signings you can go to the authors’ tables, talk, have them sign swag they have, books you’ve brought, pick up pre-orders, and they will even sign something you brought from home.
Lounges are set up as well these are outside the signing times. Registered authors have one and featured have two lounges.
There will also be spotlights with readings, Q&A’s and so much more.
Now until October 14th Diverse Reader is spotlighting authors that will be at this years GRL. And if you want to know more about it simply head over to the site by clicking here:

Now for our Spotlight Author of the day!

 Where To Find Elle at the Event 

10/17 10:10:45 Book room Selling/signing handing out pre-orders
10/17 2- 2:45 AM Author lounge

10/18 10-10-45 Author Lounge

10/18 11:30-12:20 Storyteller Session: Getting in Bed Together (w/Lynn Michaels and SJ York)

10/18 5-5:45 Book room again-if I have books left

I've already closed my preorder form but I will have limited books to sell on site.

Very excited to be returning to GRL for my fourth time, and second as an author (I want you to know I am totally not writing this at 9pm the night before, not at all).

Regardless of my unacknowledged procrastination I am SO looking forward to connecting with established readers and (fingers crossed) meeting new readers who love small town romantic suspense with a dash of...whatever I come up with.

Highway to Elle news: There will be a few more installations in the Accidental Roots series and of course many more in the spin-off, Never Too Late. In case you missed it Trusting the Elements released on audio yesterday! Narrator Steve Balderson did a great job with Otto and Greg, he is excited to continue the series and so am I.

For those of you looking for a suspense series which follows the trials of a single (very uncooperative) couple, Conspiracy Theory (Hamarsson & Dempsey #1) releases 10.7, while it is set here in the Pacific Northwest it is not a part of Accidental Roots or Never Too Late. 

Friday morning (10.18) join Lynn Michaels, SJ York and I, as we discuss navigating co-authored work and anthologies and getting them right for readers. We have fun stuff planned for the panel!
Anyway, I'm babbling and just so excited to be seeing everyone in Albuquerque in only a little over two weeks, please don't feel shy about saying hi quickly or just sitting and chatting with me, I love meeting people!

I have three series. One that is mostly finished, a second which the first pubbed 7/25 and a third pubbing 10/7:

Accidental Roots: 
🔥👨️‍💋👨 The Accidental Roots books are on KU for the fist time 👨️‍💋👨🔥
--An Accidental Roots Holiday

Trusting the Elements, Never Too Late book 1 (also out in audio!)
Otto Proulx decides surviving his quasi brush with death was a sign; he’s being given a second chance to claim the life he wants to live. One night of passion leads to…several more and suddenly both men are searching around to define what they have together. Neither wants to scare the other off and neither wants to ask for more. Will the two men be able to set aside their fears and create a family together, trusting the elements are in their favor?

Conspiracy Theory, Hamarsson & Dempsey #1, pubs 10/7 (cover by Garrett Leigh) - keep your eyes out for this one!
Years of grueling police work have left Niall Hamarsson jaded and
disillusioned with life…although it’s likely he’s been that way all along. The last straw lands when the DA refuses to try a case Niall worked for years to bring to justice. Within hours he finds himself heading to the only place he’s ever been able to call home—a place he knows he doesn’t belong.

Mat Dempsey returned to Piedras Island after his father’s death. These days he’s Island County’s sheriff. He’s happy enough, even if moving home from San Francisco effectively forced him back into the closet. Mat’s well-ordered universe collapses when a local’s body is discovered floating in the cold waters of Hidden Harbor’s marina. All hell breaks loose in the community, and accusations fly…all coinciding with Niall Hamarsson’s return.

Niall and Mat have a history, and it’s not one Mat’s proud of. He
owes Niall an apology, even if it means getting down on his knees. However, Mat’s first priority is investigating the murder before his community tears itself apart and he may have to ask the aloof Niall Hamarsson for help.

Push apart, pull together, yes or no... The chemistry crackles between them but will the two men be able to put aside their pasts and embrace a future?

Elle Keaton hails from the northwet corner of the US known for, rain, rain, and more rain. She pens the Accidental Roots series, the Never Too Late series, and the soon be published Hamarsson and Dempsey series, all set here in the Pacific Northwest. All Elle's books feature hot mm romance with the guarantee of an HEA. The men start out broken, and maybe they end up that way too, but they always find the other half of their hearts.

Elle began publishing March 2017, now she has almost eleven books out. Fall of 2019 Elle is adding a third series, Hamarsson and Dempsey, also set in the Pacific Northwest. H&D will focus on a single couple as they navigate the treacherous waters of romance and police work.

Elle loves both cats and dogs, Star Wars and Star Trek, pineapple on pizza, and is known to start crossword puzzles with ballpoint pen.

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