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GRL Spotlight: Drea Roman

GayRomLit or as some refer to it as GRL truly is the must-attend event for people who create and celebrate LGBT romance. For those who are unfamiliar with what GRL is I can try and summarize it. Every year in October (this year it’s the 17th to the 20th with pre-events on the 16th) the LGBT community consisting of authors, narrators, readers, and professionals gather to share in their love of LGBT romance. There are signings, author lounges, many events, spotlights, it really is hours of fun.
The location changes every year and on the opening night of each year the spot for the next year  is announced. During this time at GRL there are two signings. One for Registered Authors and one for Featured Authors.
At these signings you can go to the authors’ tables, talk, have them sign swag they have, books you’ve brought, pick up pre-orders, and they will even sign something you brought from home.
Lounges are set up as well these are outside the signing times. Registered authors have one and featured have two lounges.
There will also be spotlights with readings, Q&A’s and so much more.
Now until October 14th Diverse Reader is spotlighting authors that will be at this years GRL. And if you want to know more about it simply head over to the site by clicking here:

Now for our Spotlight Author of the day!

 Where to Find Drea at the Event & Her Pre-order 

Thursday, October 17th
10a.m.-12p.m.  The Registered Authors Signing Time

Friday, October 18th
11a.m.-11:45a.m.  Author Lounge (Swag Time)
2p.m.-2:45p.m.  The Book Room for Sales

This closes September 24th. I will be selling books at GRL, but a pre-order gets you a discount and a guarantee that the book will be in stock. :)

Prolific Works GRL Authors Giveaway:

Hello, GRL friends!  I am very excited to be attending my very first GRL.  What should you expect from this newbie LGBTQ romance author?  Books, autographs, and fun swag.  I have a very special, super secret swag item that I am having made specifically for GRL.  This item will show off another aspect of my creative and business life.  Stop by my signing times at GRL to check it out.  

This is my first year of publishing and it has been a wild ride.  My first series is a contemporary one set in Oakland, California.  Called Hearts Intertwined, this series has two entries, Loving Him and Saving Him.  I am currently taking part in the Prolific Works GRL Authors Giveaway with an omegaverse story called "Heaven Scent."  My second series is called Waves of Fate and it is an omegaverse featuring mpreg.  The Selkie's Coat will be book 1 and it features a Selkie and his human mate.  I hope to have this book ready to go in early in 2020.  I am lucky enough to be included in the Vale Valley Holiday Season for 2019, so that will likely be my last publication for this year.  

Come by and see me.  I will have fun things to give away and am looking forward to making new friends!

Loving Him, Hearts Intertwined, Book 1

A successful large sculpture artist, Black has drive, focus, and a friendly backyard squirrel to keep him company. What he doesn't have is a personal life. Memories of a life shattering disaster make him close the door on any possibilities of love and affection. But when a sweet and charming new man breezes into his life, Black faces a choice. Keep hiding from his past or face the pain and risk his soul for love again.

Aubrey Davies designs parks all over the U.S. When he lands in Oakland, his life collides with that of a gorgeous artist who fascinates and confuses him. When Black blows hot, Aubrey revels in the fire. When Black blows cold, Aubrey bleeds from the freeze. Will Aubrey's steadfast love penetrate Black's final emotional walls? Or will both men shatter their hearts on the jagged rocks of Black's past, a past he so desperately wants to hide?

Loving Him is a 100k word contemporary mm romance and the first entry in the Hearts Intertwined series. Be ready for sexy movie references, a wise and mischievous squirrel, and a sweet HEA.

Buy Link:

Saving Him, Hearts Intertwined, Book 1.5

When a beaten and bedraggled young man lands on his front step, tattoo artist Roger Montgomery doesn’t hesitate to take him in. A travel journalist by trade, Tyler Henderson’s life has been blown apart by actions of cruelty and malice. Due to circumstances beyond their control, Tyler must rely on Roger for more than just a rescue from the rain. Through it all, a strong bond of friendship forms, one which could be the beginning of so much more. 

 Buy Link:  

"Heaven Scent,” Prolific Works GRL Author Freebie

 Sparks fly when a wealthy alpha meets his much younger fated mate in the cafe of a local bookstore. This is a very sexy romp set in an omegaverse where the alphas

 knot and the omegas lock their fated ones to them. "Heaven Scent" is a 15k short story with lots of heat and a guaranteed HEA.

Drea Roman is an over-educated lady with cats, lizards, a ferret, a fiancé, a sister, and a wonderful village of like-minded friends, authors, and artists. A college lecturer in literature and cultural studies by day, I write in my spare time. I co-own a small, quirky 3D printing and science/tech store with my fiancé. There are two things in this world that make me feel authentically myself: dance and writing. I feel so blessed to have begun this writing adventure. At present, I have two published books. Loving Him is book 1 in the Hearts Intertwined Series. A novella, Saving Him, is book 1.5 of the series. Lucky for me, I am joining the writers of Vale Valley for this upcoming Holiday Season 2019. Beyond this, I am working on my first omegaverse series called Waves of Fate. The first entry, The Selkie's Coat, will be published next year. Protecting Him, book 2 of Hearts Intertwined, is my other major work in progress. I have always wanted to write romance, but my mf stories always seemed to fizzle out. I became a fan of mm romance and decided this is the genre I should be writing. Now here I am. I am very excited to be going to my first GRL. I could not have imagined this is the place I would be a year after deciding to write Loving Him. I look forward to meeting authors, readers, and friends. I hope to see you there.  

You can find me in these places!  
Amazon Author Page: 

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