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Promo Post: King Slayer by Layla Reyne #Review #Excerpt

King Slayer by Layla Reyne

Series (name + # in series): Fog City #2

Publisher: Layla Reyne (Self-Published)

Release Date (Print & Ebook): August 5, 2019 (E-book & Print)

Length (Print & Ebook): Approx. 51,000 words

Subgenre: M/M Romantic Suspense

Warnings: Explicit sex including mild kink; explicit language; violence.

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Book synopsis:

Never fall for a mark. Mission fail.

Christopher Perri—a.k.a. Dante Perry—infiltrated the Madigan organization with one goal: vengeance for his murdered partner. Falling for the assassin at the head of the table wasn’t part of the plan, but Hawes Madigan is not the cold, untouchable Prince of Killers Chris expected. Everything about the newly crowned king is hot, and every inch of him eminently touchable… and off-limits once Chris’s cover is blown.

Exposure couldn’t come at a worse time. Hawes’s throne is threatened, and Chris suspects the same person who killed his partner is behind the coup. Working with Hawes benefits them both, but Chris’s employer has other ideas. Dismantling criminal organizations is what Chris does best, and his boss expects the King Slayer to deliver.

But Hawes is taking the Madigans in a new direction, one Chris can get behind, and the two men form a shaky alliance strengthened by the irresistible attraction between them... until Chris learns who killed his partner. Once he knows the truth, the King Slayer is unleashed, and Chris will stop at nothing to destroy those who betrayed him, including the king who stole his heart.

Twists and turns—and cliffhangers—continue in book two of the Fog City Trilogy. Read at your own risk!


I am such a HUGE fan of Layla Reyne. Ever since her first book, Single Malt, I’ve been anxiously waiting for each and every new book, but none more so than King Slayer! It’s the second book in her wildly fun and ridiculously addictive Fog City series and it was every bit what I was expecting … and nothing like it. It was full of suspense and intrigue and there were so many twists and turns that I found myself gasping at least once every chapter, if not more.
King Slayer picks up right where the first book, Prince of Killers leaves off (everyone remember THAT cliffhanger?!) and boy does the action and intrigue start right away! Dante/Chris is conflicted—he never meant to fall in love with his mark, Hawes Madigan, but he can’t deny how he feels, no matter how hard he fights it. His need to avenge his late partner, Isabella, and bring her killer to justice drives him, but his feelings for Hawes keep getting in the way.
I am such a fan of romantic suspense, and there are few that do it better than Layla Reyne. She always has the perfect mixture of action and romance, intrigue and plot twists that you find yourself devouring each page to get to the end, only you don’t want it to ever end because the roller coaster is just so much fun. In King Slayer, we are privy to Chris/Dante’s point of view, where as in Prince of Killers it was Hawes. I really enjoyed getting a more in depth look at Chris and seeing what drives him. His relationship with his family plays a big part in who he is so it was awesome getting this peek as well.
It’s impossible to say much about King Slayer (and man, let me tell you, this title is PERFECTION!) without giving anything away and I don’t want to do that, because the surprises are what makes romantic suspense so much fun. Suffice it to say though that from the first page until the last I was completely sucked into this story and could not stop reading. The action, the romance, the emotions … all done in Layla’s brilliant way had me swiping the pages as fast as I could. I am SO looking forward to the third book (be forewarned there is a cliffhanger at the end of King Slayer) and seeing what Layla’s wicked mind comes up with for Chris and Hawes and the rest of the Madigan family. I know it’ll be something spectacular!


Never fall for a mark.
Undercover 101. Hell, avid reader 101. As many assignments as Chris had worked, as many books as he’d read, he fucking knew better. He should’ve recognized the signs and thrown up a wall sooner.
Would it have mattered?
Looking down at Hawes Madigan, naked and handcuffed to the headboard—his trim, hard body coiled for a fight, his blue eyes liquid fire, his cock still half-hard, and his sharp mind no doubt working overtime—Chris figured probably not. No amount of training, no amount of reading, no amount of proper carriage, hair ties, or weaponry would change the fact that the place he most wanted to be right then was in that bed—with the enemy.
With the Prince of Killers.
No, the king.

 About the Author 

experiences into her stories, along with adrenaline-fueled suspense and heart-pounding romance. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and its Kiss of Death and Rainbow Romance Writers chapters. Layla is a 2019 RWA® RITA® Finalist in Contemporary Romance (Mid-Length) and 2016 RWA® Golden Heart® Finalist in Romantic Suspense.

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