Friday, August 9, 2019

GayRomLit is Coming Soon! Designs By Morningstar Wants To Help Authors and Indy Professionals

Every year GayRomLit has an amazing event for people who create and celebrate LGBT romance. The location is always changing which makes it exciting. This year it's in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It will run from October 17th-20th with pre-events happening on the 16th.

Part of all of this fun is the swag you acquire as you walk from table to table. There are retractable banners for the authors and professionals. Bookmarks, postcards, unique items. All of these things are so important not just for getting the product to the reader but to represent the author/professional.

Morningstar Ashley, who is also an author in the community, is an exceptional artist. She wants to get the word out that with GRL closing in she'd like to help authors and Indy Professionals who need advertising items, SWAG, and so much more.

Below are some of the things she's made for these events:

To get in contact with her it's really simple. You can PM her on her facebook either her personal one: Morningstar Ashley 

On her FB Design Page here: Designs By Morningstar

Her email:

If you want to know all her links check out her Linktree

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