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GRL Spotlight: Liv Rancourt

GayRomLit or as some refer to it as GRL truly is the must-attend event for people who create and celebrate LGBT romance. For those who are unfamiliar with what GRL is I can try and summarize it. Every year in October (this year it’s the 17th to the 20th with pre-events on the 16th) the LGBT community consisting of authors, narrators, readers, and professionals gather to share in their love of LGBT romance. There are signings, author lounges, many events, spotlights, it really is hours of fun.
The location changes every year and on the opening night of each year the spot for the next year  is announced. During this time at GRL there are two signings. One for Registered Authors and one for Featured Authors.
At these signings you can go to the authors’ tables, talk, have them sign swag they have, books you’ve brought, pick up pre-orders, and they will even sign something you brought from home.
Lounges are set up as well these are outside the signing times. Registered authors have one and featured have two lounges.
There will also be spotlights with readings, Q&A’s and so much more.
Now until October 14th Diverse Reader is spotlighting authors that will be at this years GRL. And if you want to know more about it simply head over to the site by clicking here:

Now for our Spotlight Author of the day!

Whee! It’s almost time for GRL! I’m tres excited to be returning as a featured author. I’ve never been to Albuquerque and I can’t wait to see old friends and make new ones. My first GRL (’17) was a blast, and I expect this one to be no different.

I also very much appreciate this guest shot on Diverse Reader so I can share some of my plans for the con. First, I have a few events scheduled:

·       Featured Author Spotlight Friday 10/18 10:30 – 11:20am. (I’ll be reading from my newest release, “Lost & Found”.

·       Author Lounge sessions: Thursday 10/17 8:00 –8:45 and Friday 10/18 12:00 – 12:45pm.

·       Featured Author Book Signing – Saturday 10/19 10:00 – 12:30pm.

I’ll have copies of “Vespers”, “Nocturne”, “Aqua Follies”, and (god willing!) “Lost & Found”, along with freebies and swag and probably chocolate, too.

Because chocolate. 😊

I’m also participating in a huge giveaway featuring over 40 authors who’ll be at GRL. 
This’ll go live September 1st and runs through the conference, so bookmark the link:
I’ve read a few of the books on offer, and there are quite a few more I’ll be grabbing. Check it out!

I feel like my promotional chops are rusty, so apologies if I’m a bit scattered. It’s been a while since I had a new release, and now I have two coming up real soon and a 3rd that should be ready early in 2020. What does that mean, really? I don’t have buy links and haven’t done proper cover reveals, so there’s a whole bunch I can’t share with you yet.
Told you I was rusty.
I’ve got all the details – such as they are – on the Upcoming Releases page on my website, and I pinky-swear to keep it up to date as things progress. Meanwhile, while I don’t like to choose one of my book over the others, I’m pretty excited about “Lost & Found”. I’m working with a release date of 10/5/19, so I should have print copies in hand for my book signings at GRL. It’s a historic romance, set in 1920 Paris, and Benjamin and Louis get me in the feels. Here’s the blurb….

History books will call it The Great War, but for Benjamin Holm, that is a misnomer. The war is a disaster, a calamity, and it leaves Benjamin profoundly wounded, his mind and memory shattered. A year after Armistice, still struggling to regain his mental facilities, he returns to Paris in search of his closest friend, Elias.
Benjamin meets Louis Donadieu, a striking and mysterious dance master. Though Louis is a difficult man to know, he offers to help Benjamin. Together they search the cabarets, salons, and art exhibits in the newly revitalized city on the brink of l’Années Folles (the Crazy Years). Almost despite himself, Benjamin breaches Louis’s defenses, and the two men discover an unexpected passion.
As his memory slowly returns, Benjamin will need every ounce of courage he possesses to recover Elias’s story. He and Louis will need even more than that to lay claim to the love – and the future – they deserve.

I’ve made a temporary cover and am planning a big reveal closer to the release date, so keep an eye on my website for more information. I also have a holiday novella coming out 12/1/19 as part of Dreamspinner’s Advent Calendar event, and my writing partner Irene Preston and I are making solid progress on “Spooked”, the next book in our Haunts & Hoaxes series.

To thank you for celebrating with me, enter the giveaway Irene and I are running for a $10 gift card. We run one every month; you can find the widget on my website, too! And if you’re at GRL, stop by and say hi! I’d love to meet you.

Aqua Follies Blurb


Russell tells himself he’ll marry Susie because it’s the right thing to do. His summer job coaching her water ballet team will give him plenty of opportunity to give her a ring. But on the team’s trip to the annual Aqua Follies, the joyful glide of a trumpet player’s solo hits Russell like a torpedo, blowing apart his carefully constructed plans.

From the orchestra pit, Skip watches Poseidon’s younger brother stalk along the pool deck. It never hurts to smile at a man, because sometimes good things can come of it. Once the last note has been played, Skip gives it a shot.

The tenuous connection forged by a simple smile leads to events that dismantle both their lives. Has the damage been done, or can they pick up the pieces together?

Vespers Blurb

Thaddeus Dupont has had over eighty years to forget…

The vampire spends his nights chanting the Liturgy of the Hours and ruthlessly disciplines those unnatural urges he’s vowed never again to indulge. He is at the command of the White Monks, who summon him at will to destroy demons. In return, the monks provide for his sustenance and promise the return of his immortal soul.

Sarasija Mishra’s most compelling job qualification might be his type O blood…

The 22-year-old college grad just moved across the country to work for some recluse he can’t even find on the internet. Sounds sketchy, but the salary is awesome and he can’t afford to be picky.  On arrival he discovers a few details his contract neglected to mention, like the alligator-infested swamp, the demon attacks, and the nature of his employer’s “special diet”. A smart guy would leave, but after one look into Dupont’s mesmerizing eyes, Sarasija can’t seem to walk away. Too bad his boss expected “Sara” to be a girl.

Falling in love is hard at any age…

The vampire can’t fight his hungers forever, especially since Sara’s brought him light, laughter and a very masculine heat. After yielding to temptation, Thaddeus must make a choice.  Killing demons may save his soul, but keeping the faith will cost him his heart.

Vespers is a complete novel with no cliffhanger. It can be enjoyed as a standalone or read as the first book in the Hours of the Night series.

About Liv Rancourt 

Liv is a huge fan of paranormal romance and urban fantasy and loves history just as much, so her stories often feature vampires or magic or they’re set in the past…or all of the above. When Liv isn’t writing she takes care of tiny premature babies or teenagers, depending on whether she’s at work or at home. Her husband is a soul of patience, her kids are her pride and joy, and her dogs – Trash Panda and The Boy Genius – are endlessly entertaining.
Liv can be found on-line at all hours of the day and night at her website (, on Facebook (, or on Twitter ( She also blogs monthly over at Spellbound Scribes ( For sneak peeks and previews and other assorted freebies, go HERE to sign up for her mailing list or join the Facebook page she shares with her writing partner Irene Preston, After Hours with Liv & Irene. Fun stuff!

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  1. Thank you for the post! Congrats on being a featured author. I wish I was going to GRL, maybe one day. Hope you have a ton of fun!