Wednesday, July 31, 2019

New Release Review: Rocking Thin Ice by Z. Allora #Review #Giveaway

Title: Rocking Thin Ice
Author: Z. Allora
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Tiferet Design
Publication Date: July 30, 2019
Length: 226 pages 

Reviewed by Racheal


Can a sexy rock star show a relationship-phobic ice skater that there’s more to life than gold medals?

When ice-skating’s bad boy Blaze first glimpses Drake, every fantasy he’s ever had flares to life. Not only is rock star Drake sexy as sin, his songs awaken a longing in Blaze that he’s denied for years. But Blaze Parker doesn’t believe in relationships—at least not those that last more than twenty minutes.

Drake Keys has dreamed about the sensual ice skater for years. When Drake is kicked out of his band because of his bisexuality, he drives across the country to finally see the man he’s had a crush on skate live.

Though the attraction is instant and intense, both Blaze and Drake have baggage that puts any relationship on thin ice. Blaze is driven by a long-ago betrayal to prove himself a champion, and Drake, uncertain about the future, hopes to resurrect his music career. As they take a road trip together, Drake romances Blaze, hoping to melt his heart and show him that love is possible… but not without some tough decisions.

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I love reading about new dynamic coupling! This one just happens to star a sexy rocker and a feisty take-no-crap Olympic Ice Skater. Z. Allora takes this story through crowds of screaming fans in the world of rock and roll tours, and onto the ice with the sounds of the crowds oohh's and awe’s as they watch their favorite ice skaters perform.

It’s the look at the “after” scenes. What secrets lie on the surface, who really is that person that the cameras want us to see? For Drake, coming out was never really the issue, it was the labeling that always upset him. He never understood why there needed to be a label on who he was or, for that matter, who anyone else was. He was attracted to who he was attracted too. So, by society labels he was considered bisexual. His best friend was trans and he was a bi guitarist with the biggest crush on a professional skater named Blaze. How was that for a teenage boy in high school? Drake didn’t have it as bad as most but at times he wished his parents could maybe refrain just a little from all the support.

Fast forward five years and now Drake is in a rock and roll band and is touring with a major headliner! Yes things could be a lot better if he didn’t have to deal with his worst enemy from high school being in the same band or the sleaze ball manager telling him that his sexual preference should be kept locked up because it could bring a bad image to the band. Thank goodness for modern technology so that he can still watch his favorite ice skater.

It only takes that one moment in life when everything changes and with nothing holding you back you take a chance you never thought you would, that brings you face to face with that one person you have always wanted to meet.

Blaze must be dreaming he had told himself as he looked beyond the congratulated pats to the wall where his dream fantasy stood. Drake in all his beautiful glory was here to see him. However, some fan made brownies, and their first encounter r was rather interesting to say the least. After, the scandal and heartbreak at another man’s hands Blaze swore that he would never allow another man into his life not to mention his heart.

These two are so completely opposite in every way possible but the two of them together is nothing more than magical. A rocker finally melting the heart of an ice skater and the ice skater giving the rocker his inspiration back for writing and enjoying his passion for music again.


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  1. Awww, thank you so much! Big hugs, Z.

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