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Random Review: Yield by Mickie B. Ashling #Review #Giveaway

Title: Yield
Author: Mickie B.Ashling
Bay Area Professionals #5
Publication date: November 13, 2018
Length: 227 pages

Reviewed by Truus


A promising encounter takes a dark turn.

Captain Sami Soros and Father Jay Blackstone cross paths at a major European hub. When systems shut down due to a cyber-attack, flights are delayed and the resulting chaos is unprecedented.

After having served three tours in Afghanistan, recently discharged Sami struggles with his new civilian status. Emotionally depleted, and dangerously edgy, he views most of his fellowmen with utter contempt.

Jay is returning to his parish in San Francisco after a month-long retreat meant to shore up a crumbling vocation. All vestiges of spirituality melt away when he sets eyes on Sami.

They begin a clandestine affair fueled by a shared addiction to extreme forms of BDSM. Their relationship goes off the rails, and Jay reaches out to Rino Duran, a former seminarian. With the help of Dr. Ethan Marshall, Rino’s full-time Dom, the established couple attempt to separate truth from lies to give Jay and Sami a shot at happiness.

This novel can be read as a standalone.


Jay and Sami (and actually Rino and Ethan too)

What an incredible layered story this was. Stunningly written with memorable scenery, extraordinary circumstances, and a baffling good plot.

A story about a priest and an ex-military. Every turn in this read was unpredictable, I got somewhat delirious by it, all this awesomeness on my screen!! 

Jay and Sami meet each other at the airport, continuing their delayed flight together.
Jay isn’t honest about who and what he is, and he just goes with the temporary flow called Sami.
Sami is lethal and strong; he has a military past where he interrogates the enemy. Ending up with PTSD and a lot more, his life takes unwanted turns and he struggles to handle those. 
Also with Jay’s life getting out of track, their time is up. Their actions with extreme forms of BDSM is something they can’t handle.
Their connection has no ground to survive, it’s unmanageable, harsh, cruel, and destroying.

my stubborn soul refused to give up

As a fallen angel, Jay has no one he can reach out to but Rino.

Besides Jay and Sami there is a story with Rino and Ethan, respectively sub and Dom 24/7. 
Rino, as a novice, has trouble obeying without questioning. Ethan is quite the right Dom and he is honest with so much unconditional love! To watch them compromise and work through every bump in their road is magnificent. They are of enormous help to Jay and Sami.

Both men, and a network of competent people, are the saviors for Jay and Sami to see the light. The healing process was heartbreaking, devastating, and worrisome.

The proficiency of writing was excellent. The profoundly worked out characters were breathtaking. A deep look in their beautiful minds let us understand them. We are witness to extremely complicated behavior, disturbing lies, deception, despair, damaged souls and strong furious language, and at the other side we see hope, light, submissiveness, dominance, redemption, rising above themselves, and love with a capital L.
An intriguing, intelligent, consistent, and respectfully written expedition, taking us to the utmost corners of the human mind and their behaviors. This was quite a masterpiece!!

Highly recommended 

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