Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Random Review: No Quick Fix by Mary Calmes #Review #Giveaway

Title: No Quick Fix
Author: Mary Calmes
Publication date: March 19, 2019
Length: 322 pages

Reviewed by Erin


A retired SEAL is about to face his toughest assignment yet. As a nanny…

Fixer. Bodyguard. Advocate. Brann Calder is expected to play all these roles and more as a member of Torus Intercession, a security firm guaranteed to right what’s wrong. In the military, catastrophe was his specialty. Five months out of the service, Brann is still finding his way, so a new assignment might be just what he needs. Unless it includes two things sure to make a seasoned, battle-trained veteran nervous: life in a small town, and playing caretaker to two little girls.

Emery Dodd is drowning in the responsibility of single fatherhood. He’s picked up the pieces after losing his wife and is ready to move on now, hopeful that his engagement to a local patriarch’s daughter will not only enrich his community but will grant his daughters some stability too.

The only thing standing in Emery’s way is that he can’t he seem to keep his eyes—and hands—off the former soldier he’s hired to watch his girls until the wedding.

Emery’s future is riding on his upcoming nuptials, but being with Brann makes him and his family feel whole again. Too bad there’s no way for them to be together.

Or is there?


I don't know about y'all but to me, there is absolutely NOTHING better than a new Mary Calmes book. She is, without a doubt, one of the VERY few authors I will drop every single thing I am doing or have to do to read her new book. Be it dinner, or sleep or, shhhh ... work! ... I can't resist the temptation of falling into whatever world Mary has brought to life. Here's the thing about Mary's books that keeps me coming back for more and more. It's knowing, with absolute certainty, what I'm going to get from her books. I'm going to get a cast full of entertaining, unforgettable characters. There's going to be banter that will make me laugh out loud and scenes so touching and emotional they will bring tears to my eyes. Sure, some parts are a bit (or a lot depending on your perspective) over the top and there will most definitely be some insta-love, but you know what? I don't mind any of that in the least because Mary's books are my happy place. They're the kind of books that leave me happy and filled with sunshiney warmth, and I will smile for hours when I'm done. It's why for me, and for so many others, I re-read her books over and over again and never tire of them. Her new book, No Quick Fix is going to be at the top of that re-read pile because damn did I love me some Brann and Emery and those adorable kids! 

Ex-SEAL Brann Calder never could have imagined after spending years in life or death situations he'd wind up in a small town in Montana as a manny for two adorable little girls. Or that he'd be so freaking good at it! Brann effortlessly, it seems, falls into the role except for one tiny problem. He can't stop staring at their dad, Emery Dodd. Handsome, kind, and gentle, Emery is irresistible (almost as irresistible as his daughters!) but for one thing ... he's straight. Or so Brann thinks. So, he does what he must in regard to Emery and concentrates on Olivia and April and makes himself utterly irreplaceable to not only Emery and the girls but to the entire town. And like all of Mary’s books, everyone loves Brann. But really, how could they not? He’s charming and witty, snappy with the comebacks, is great with the girls, and is mostly clueless to the way Emery is always looking at him and touching him.

Like with all of Mary’s books, No Quick Fix is told only in Brann’s single point of view but Brann is such a wonderful character that is so much fun you don’t need anyone else. Mary’s writing is as flawless as ever. Her timing, the romance, the banter, the massive amounts of dialog that flows effortlessly, that feeling of coming home and being among friends—all of it is on display from beginning to end. I can not wait to get the next book in this series and fall in love with whoever stars in that one, but they’re going to have to work hard to top Brann and Emery!


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